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Our AAT student Craig Swift reviews how he was able to work full-time whilst studying our Level 3 and 4 Accounting course online. 


My name is Craig Swift, I'm 25 and I'm currently a student with ICS Learn studying for my Level 3 and 4 AAT Advanced and Professional Diploma.

I decided to study accountancy as various members of my girlfriend’s family all worked in accountancy firms and suggested I move into the profession based on my interests.

I spent my first year studying AAT level 2 at my local college one day a week. During the last few months of my course, I managed to secure a job working for a local accountancy firm.

I decided to look into distance learning as I needed my course to be flexible as I'm working full-time and after looking at various course providers, I chose ICS Learn.

After contacting them via email, I was informed of the options available to me with regards to the different packages of learning available and the various payment options.

After discussing it with work, I was able to custom tailor my course to include exam fees which was a real bonus as it took the hassle out of paying at a later date.

All the information provided to me by the staff at ICS Learn was easy to follow and incredibly insightful, which helped me feel confident with my choice of learning provider.

Studying with the ICS Learn is incredibly useful as it allows me to choose a time that suits me to study.

There are also plenty of live lessons available for me to participate in and if I can't make them due to timing then there always available as recorded sessions for me to go back to.

There are many resources available and I feel confident knowing I have a tutor available when I need them most.

Being able to study at my own convenience has provided me with more freedom and flexibility than I had before and being able to spend five days at work has allowed for better continuity with my work flow.

I can now schedule my social life more effectively as I now have more time available than I had before.

Being able to study during time at work allows me to utilise the expertise and knowledge that my firm can provide.

I can always relate back to my study and access materials online if I'm ever stuck during a job which is very useful.

This has been the best choice I've made in my academic studies and I look forward to continuing to study with the ICS Learn.


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