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ICS Real Stories: Joanna | Online AAT Level 2 Review


AAT Foundation student Joanna shares her review of our AAT Level 2 Certificate and talks about how she was able to fit studying online around her full-time job. 


For a long time, I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to pursue an accounting career. But I had left school at 18 and I thought I’d left it too late to start studying towards it now.

How would I manage to combine it with my full-time job? There was no way I could afford to have a part-time job and how would I fit my studying in around work?

I came across ICS Learn when I was browsing the internet one day, just testing the water to see what options there were for accounting courses.

I called ICS Learn and spoke to an advisor. I mentioned that I had a full-time job that I was committed to, that I had no experience in accounting, but it was something I wanted to start studying.

I also asked which course I could start studying as a beginner and where it could lead to and what were the options when it came to study and working full time.

The advisor was a great help and clearly answered my questions and offered advice on the best way to start an accounting qualification and what it could lead onto.

I decided I would pursue the AAT Level 2 Foundation course in Accounting and I would study via distance learning.

I would be sent the study books and it would be up to me and my schedule when I would put aside study time.

Initially I found distance learning challenging and I had to be quite disciplined with my free time. After a while it became easier as I settled into a schedule and I would set goals on what date I wanted to pass certain exams by.

Although studying towards something is difficult it gives you a great sense of achievement when you look back and realise how far you have come.

Sometimes I would run into difficulties when reading a particular page in the study book but any issues I had I would drop my tutor an email with the question and she would swiftly reply to me or call me if I had requested a call back.

I would recommend studying with ICS Learn. Their student services are fantastic, always helpful and you’re comfortable in the knowledge they are only a phone call away.

ICS Learn supported me greatly with my studying and after having now finished my course, I am looking for the next course to work towards.


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