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CIPD Student Stories: Claire Fuhr | CIPD Level 3 Review


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Claire got turned down for a promotion at work, however, after studying our online CIPD Level 3 Diploma she's now started her new job in L&D! Read more below. 

Back in December, I went for an internal interview as a Trainer for our customer service department. It was between myself and one other person. Unfortunately, the other person beat me due to having a little bit more experience in training.

When this happened, I realised I really wanted to get into learning and development side of the company rather than the operational. So, I started looking for courses that might help me with this.

I searched online, and the best fit was CIPD Diploma in Human Resource and Practice.

My main worry doing this was that I work shifts, so could not get myself into a pattern and find the time to study.

My other main problem was that I reached a good point in my current career path and couldn’t take the salary hit that comes with starting a new path.

Finding the time was quickly dismissed when I realised that with online study I really could study when I had time.

Having access to the online lesson videos was great, rather than always trying to be around for a set time/day.

There is no pressure, whilst my studying maybe a little inconsistent, I can do it when I have the time.

The tutors at ICS Learn are always helpful and their feedback in the assignments always helps me move forward to the next part, and there is always lots of information and hints in the online classes so when you get around to completing the chapter assignment you feel more prepared.

My main motivation was to start this course so when another position became available within the Learning and Development Team I would be ready. 

As luck would have it, the position I applied for in December became available again last month, and this week I am starting my new job.

I think a big part of getting the position was that I showed my company that I was willing to learn more about the HR area and can incorporate my course into the role.


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