The Modern Business’s Guide to Apprenticeships



Created in partnership with People Management Magazine, our whitepaper will give you the insight you need to unlock the full potential of your apprenticeship levy.

With talent shortages across every sector, training should be your key business development strategy – and the levy provides a ring-fenced budget to fund it.

Download Apprenticeships 2.0: Digital-First Strategies for Your Levy to learn: 

  1. How apprenticeships and the levy work (plus your first steps to begin using your funds)
  2. How modern apprenticeships have transformed to meet your business’s needs
  3. How apprentices can fill skills gaps in roles you may not expect (including existing employees and C-suite executives)
  4. How innovative digital-first apprenticeships solve your most common levy problems
  5. The levy mistakes other companies are making – and how to avoid them

With less than a year to go until unused levy funds disappear forever, now is the time to take action.

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