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ICS Real Stories: Simran | Online GCSE Review



Our inspiring student Simran Burgess reviews her experience resitting GCSE Maths, English, Physics, Biology and Psychology online with us.


Those reading this, I'd really love to introduce myself. My name is Simran, I am 17 years old and currently re-sitting my GCSEs.

I am writing this to express my current experience with the association ICS Learn and why you should definitely consider studying with ICS Learn.  

During my time at school, I was studying History, Geography, Drama, Spanish as my optional GCSE choices and also the compulsory subjects such as Science, English and Mathematics.

Throughout my experience in school, I faced several obstacles as on some occasions I had a hard time with the students and especially with my subjects as I could never seem to achieve a good enough grade.

It always seemed impossible to me to achieve or either master any sort of learning method that I felt would help me improve my knowledge. I found I would read a page of a textbook then completely forget the information when I glanced away. 

When I would sit mocks and practice past papers, I failed miserably, and it was very difficult to get good grades as I felt the teachers just kept putting me down.

It was extremely intimidating when I did ask for help from teachers as I felt I was ignored and made to feel like an underachiever, despite some teachers profusely telling me that they would help me secure a place into my sixth form.

When it came around to sitting my GCSEs, I really worked hard at my revision as well as also diverting some attention to helping several of my friends with their issues which at the time seemed like a good idea.

I continued to revise to the best of my ability for each and every subject. I wrote thousands of cue cards and started sticking them effortlessly around my home.

Once the time came, I was so nervous. After each one I felt deflated so my parents continuously told me to carry on and just keep trying.

I would always be told by my mother when I did put myself down I ignored my ability to achieve, so the biggest relief for me was when exams finally ended.

Although results day seemed like it was only around the corner, I enjoyed the summer and tried not to worry about the daunting task of getting my results.

Unfortunately, I failed each and every one of my subjects. I was distraught and left delayed whilst my friends were jumping for joy.

I knew that I couldn't leave on such a low note, so I went to the headteacher and stressed all avenues asking to see if they would at least allow me to do a BTEC course.

Sadly I was simply and quickly dismissed because of my grades, despite the fact that I was told when I was struggling with my grades, the teachers would do their absolute best to help me as much as they could.

I guess you could say I was a deer lost in the headlights as I was left stranded and with no helping hand as I did not meet their requirements.

I didn’t lose hope and took every day as it came for a short while, until I found out that a college near me was doing GCSE resits. I attended the open day and was asked to complete an introduction test.

After I completed the test, I was told I didn’t pass and that I did not meet the requirements they were looking for. I was told to simply told to start back at the basics, meaning I didn't have any qualifications.

It was then I had the urge to give up. I realised that I had failed myself but everyone else remained on top.

It was then my mother told me to research distance learning courses to resit. 

I looked for overall two days until I came across ICS Learn and thankfully they had the courses I needed to study to retake.

I told my parents and they made the call to ICS Learn. They were very helpful and understanding of my situation and it was easily affordable with monthly instalments.

When I first started my studies, I was nervous as I didn’t know if the course would be difficult, as some of my courses would be a change from GCSE to IGCSE or if the course would be hard to access.

However, ICS Learn gives you a tour of the website and they also provide a timetable to create for your own style of learning which helped me balanced my studies and free time with my family.

As the days went on I realised that ICS Learn were just what I needed to get me started for a better future, to allow me to get a job without being turned away due to my qualifications.

With the help of amazing resources ICS Learn continually allows me to access my studies whenever or wherever, whether that be on my computer, tablet or phone.

At times, I was in fact struggling with a particular lesson, but I simply found the 'contact your tutor' link on my subjects dashboard.

Overall, the tutors are very welcoming, friendly, understanding and always on hand. The website also allows you to talk to others studying which helped me talk to those in the same position as me.

After such a difficult time in my schooling and exams, ICS Learn gave me the confidence to keep my head held high and never give up.

Just recently I was awarded an A on my English test paper by my tutor as well as a B in Psychology with the help of the resources, activities and my previous feedback.

I want those who read this to understand that sometimes when you don’t pass an exam or don’t get into your selected sixth form or university, you should not give up - keep pursuing your dreams.

Some said to me it was just not meant to be, and at the time I found it hard to accept the fate I was sealed with, that I would not get to start my A Levels straight away like those my age.

However, I know that there's so much better for me in store with ICS Learn.

Hopefully next year I can pass my exams with flying colours and start my A Levels the following year.  

Thank you ICS Learn.


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