Online Digital Marketing student Emily Maidment reviews her journey to getting qualified with our CIM Level 4 Professional Certificate.

I took on a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with a gifting company towards the end of 2015, and last year I completed my course, becoming a full time Digital Marketing Executive.

Naturally, my company offered me the chance to move onto a Level 4 course, but trying to factor in travelling to college and study time with an increased workload, there just weren’t enough hours in the day!

After researching some online learning providers, ICS Learn stuck out as my best option.

The online reviews were nothing but positive, and after speaking to the HR Director he had only good things to say also.

Studying with ICS Learn has given me confidence in my abilities. I’ve never been one to speak up in a classroom environment, but the functionality to ask the tutors any question whenever I have a query, without feeling silly or shy has really allowed me feel confident in what I’m learning and the work I’m producing.

My first exam was nerve wracking, having to travel to a venue and being back in the classroom environment was out of my comfort zone.

But when the email arrived to say I passed with a distinction, it was the best motivation.

Learning what I want and how I want really does make all the difference to the results you can achieve.

From beginning to end everyone at ICS Learn have been so supportive and helpful, speaking only positive and encouraging things to help me towards my goals!

The 15-month study period was a great bonus too! I could take advantage of an offer on the price of the course when I enrolled last October, yet not have to worry about starting my studies until January after the busy period in my job had calmed down.

Now I’m all prepared for the final assessment hand-in date before December, the busy period at work when everyone starts buying gifts again – and it’s the perfect opportunity to put my new Digital Marketing knowledge into practice!


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