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ICS Real Stories: Adam | Online CIPD Level 5 Review

By ICS Learn on 10 Aug 2018 Adam Currie reviews his experience of studying CIPD Level 5 in Learning and Development online and how this has expanded his existing knowledge and skills. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Lauren | Online AAT Level 2 and 3 Review

By ICS Learn on 10 Aug 2018 Lauren Pacheco reviews her journey to completing our Level 2 AAT course online. She had such a good experience that she's now moved on to Level 3. Read More

6 HR Books You Should Be Reading This Year

By Kirsty Chalmers on 9 Aug 2018 Whatever stage you're at in your HR career, reading is a great way to expand your knowledge. We've picked out our 6 favourite books to help you get started. Read More

Are You As Smart As You Think? Ways To Fix The Gaps In Knowledge The Internet Makes Us Miss

By Stephen Blythe on 9 Aug 2018 How smart do you think you are? Pretty smart, yeah? I mean, maybe not a genius, but you know a thing or two. Care to test that idea? Read More

ICS Real Stories: Xue | Online CIPD Level 7 Review

By ICS Learn on 9 Aug 2018 Xue Bai was looking to boost her career development and expand her professional network. She reviews how studying the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Certificate online helped her to achieve her career goals. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Judith | Online ILM Level 3 Review

By ICS Learn on 24 Jul 2018 Judith Martin tells us how studying our ILM Leadership & Management Level 3 course helped her get established in her new role after receiving a promotion. Read More

The Future of HR: How AI is Impacting Human Resources

By Kirsty Chalmers on 20 Jul 2018 As technology advances seemingly at light speed, there is an ever-increasing chatter surrounding AI, so what will the impact of AI be on the HR industry? Read More

ICS Real Stories: Cristina | Online CIPD Level 5 Review

By ICS Learn on 19 Jul 2018 Maria realised that to progress her HR career in Dubai, she would need to get a formal qualification, so she chose the CIPD Level 5 Diploma with ICS Learn. Read More

The Future of HR: How HR Can Use Virtual Reality

By Kirsty Chalmers on 19 Jul 2018 Virtual reality is no longer just for games - it's fast becoming big news in the business world. So how can HR use this new technology? Read More

How to Build a World-class Team: 3 Lessons from Gareth Southgate

By Kirsty Chalmers on 18 Jul 2018 The England manager has proven he's got what it takes to build and lead a stellar team. So - what can business and HR leaders learn from the Waistcoated One? Read More