Georgia Rogan found the flexibility of ICS Learn's CIPD Level 3 Diploma in Human Resources Practice meant that she could easily fit her studies around her lifestyle.


I chose to study with ICS Learn as whilst I was researching for a highly reviewed distance learning provider, I found fantastic reviews from former and current students regarding the tutors and competitive prices.

I have found ICS Learn to be an extremely flexible method of learning as I do not have to dedicate specific days to studying or commit to certain times for classes - as opposed to a traditional college.

Because of this, I can easily fit the course around working full time, hobbies and social activities. I study after work from 6:00pm and attend evening classrooms, which are organised to meet requirements of students who also have commitments.

Studying with ICS Learn is very rewarding and interesting; the tutors offer positive feedback and can highlight areas of work which may require improvement without being over-critical or condescending. 

The feedback received from the tutors is sent in a timely manner and you have the choice to speak with your tutor over the telephone if you require further clarification.

Choosing to study a CIPD qualification has enabled me to gain a strong foundation knowledge of Human Resources and shows potential employers that I can commit myself to becoming a HR Professional. This qualification will assist me in beginning a career within Human Resources in a support orientated role.

Once I have completed my Level 3 Diploma, I hope to progress to a CIPD Level 5 Diploma with ICS Learn as my learning experience has been outstanding.


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