Mala Punn reviews her journey to becoming an L&D Facilitator with our online CIPD Level 5 Diploma in L&D.


I chose to study a CIPD qualification in Learning and Development as I was very interested in designing and delivering training sessions, unlocking the potential of others through coaching and supporting staff in their role by challenging them.

Another reason for choosing to do my CIPD qualification was to re-market myself after 4 years of working in a manager role and to support me in my career development.

I chose ICS Learn because they offered me flexibility with studying, as well as the ability to pay monthly for my fees.

I could balance my studies through being disciplined and forward planning when I wanted to complete my units.

I found that dedicating two weekends a month to studying was useful as well as studying at least once a week in the evenings.

The tutors were very helpful and could get back to me quickly whenever I had a query, and they also marked my assignments within a few days of submitting it to them.

I also made sure that I rewarded myself when I completed each unit by going out for celebratory drinks and food!

After starting my qualification, I moved from my previous managerial role to a Learning and Development Facilitator role for the NHS. This role focused on delivering leadership and management training to a variety of staff across the Trust.

From feedback, I was described as knowledgeable, passionate and animated when delivering the training.

I really enjoy my job and I feel that my qualification has made me more credible in the training setting.

Now that I have completed my CIPD qualification, the next step for me is to look at more of a senior L&D role in London. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this course and I am also considering doing a Coaching qualification in the future.

I would highly recommend this CIPD qualification to anyone who is looking to advance in their role and specialise in L&D.


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