You loved our first article on the best apps for high school students, but the world moves fast and there are new kids on the block.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your studies, manage your timetable, give amazing presentations, memorise your notes or avoid being distracted, these apps are for you.

They’re the best studying apps around, so they’re ideal whether you’re in high school, college, university, or simply looking for ways to streamline your productivity.

They make it super-easy to manage your studies and get the grades you need.

Thanks, apps.

1. Pocket

Pocket is great for two reasons: a) it’s ideal for saving study resources for later, and b) it lets you save interesting articles that you come across without letting them distract you from your studies. 

 It also has a tagging system so you can differentiate between the two - very important so that you’re not faced with the lure of 10 Twin Peaks Outfits You Need in Your Life every time you try to access an academic article. Take that, Buzzfeed!


2. Timetable

Timetable is an intuitive app for tracking your schedule that syncs across all your devices. It’s nicely colour-coded, and lets you note details such as room, type and teacher for each class, as well as any upcoming homework, exams and holidays. It even automatically mutes your phone during lessons. How much more helpful can you get?


3. Milanote

This super-flexible, stylish note-taking tool is fantastic for creative projects, planning your work, and laying out your notes. You can sort text, images, quotes and links into columns, use arrows to highlight connections between them, and make boards within boards to organise everything neatly without clutter. Easy, breezy, beautiful. Milanote.


4. Forest

This is an innovative alternative to focus-forcing internet blockers like Freedom, Cold Turkey and SelfControl. When you set the timer on your phone, you plant a seed that slowly grows into a tree. If you check your phone, the tree dies. This might sound doomed to fail, but trust us. The tree is very cute. You get to plant a forest. You do not want to kill the tree.


5. Prezi

Got a presentation coming up? Your teachers will be blown away if you ditch PowerPoint and work with Prezi. Rather than ordered, consecutive slides, it allows you to build a map-like interface, meaning you can show links between sections and dip in and out as required.

This smooth, sleek presentation software has been billed as ‘reinventing the art of the presentation’, so if you’re looking to reinvent your grades, this is the way forward.


6. Tinycards

Digital flashcard apps have been around for a while, but to be honest, they haven’t been very visually pleasing. Thankfully, language masterminds Duolingo have made a fantastic looking flashcard creator that uses smart learning techniques to help you memorise your notes faster. They also come preloaded with loads of interesting topics so you don’t always need to create your own.

Speaking of which…


7. Duolingo

If you’re studying a language, this is an indispensable supplement to what you learn at school. Practice at home, win points, move up a level, and get fluent faster.


8. Marinara Timer

It’s common knowledge that you retain information better when you have short, regular breaks, but it’s all too easy to make that break last for an hour (or all day) without a handy tool to keep you in check. Enter Marinara timer.

It gives you 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break (or another pattern set by you), so you don’t need to think about the time. Just work til the timer goes off then enjoy the fruits of your labour. Bye, procrastination.


9. Grammarly

This free writing-checking app does more than correct your spelling. It fixes your grammar, suggests improvements to your punctuation, and picks up on moments when you use the wrong word (‘then’ rather than ‘than’ for example, or affect/effect). It also checks your writing across almost the entire web, from email to Facebook and beyond, making it ideal for sounding professional when you’re emailing your teachers.


10. Khan Academy

What are you trying to learn? Chances are, you can learn it here. They have detailed courses on every aspect of maths and science you can imagine, plus computing, history, economics and more, all delivered through short digestible videos. You can also choose to learn material relevant to which year you’re in at school rather than choosing individual topics.


There have never been more apps available to make your life as a high school student easier. Make the most of what the internet has to offer and you’ll never fail a test or miss a deadline again.


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