One of our top personal training tutors, Michael Hindmarch, is heading off to the 2017 Kitzbuhel ETU Standard Distance Triathlon European Championships tomorrow! A triathlon, for those not in the know, is a competition where you complete three different events - usually swimming, running, and then cycling - in immediate succession.

This is what Michael had to say about his history of triathlon training, and what it means to him:

“This will be my 9th year competing in Triathlon starting back in 2008 by entering Ripon standard distance. I’ve always been into fitness, having worked as a Fitness instructor for years. I entered mainly for the challenge, and to do something a bit different.

“I was in reasonably good shape from teaching indoor cycling, and I could run a 10k in a decent time, but I wasn’t specifically fit. By that I mean I’d only swam regularly on holiday, and I had never done the three things together. In the end, I entered it, finished it, and came about 240th - but the main thing was, I loved it!

“Over time it became more and more serious: my kit got better, as did my training and my results. I joined a local tri-and-running club and really got into it. Now I’m at the point where I race most of the summer over sprint, standard and half ironman distance, and have picked up some good results locally, winning the North East grand prix last year, and competing for GBR at the European champs."

Michael also provided us with his top five tips for taking part in a triathlon.

Enter ASAP!

"Enter the race before you have time to talk yourself out of it, it is scary getting into a lake in a wetsuit at 8am but you need that goal. If you don’t enter you’ll never get round to it!"

Do it for fun most of all

"Do it to enjoy it, who cares where you come or if you make a mistake? I’ve made countless mistakes e.g. going the wrong way on bike, losing bike in transition. Your first few (if you do more than one) are about learning and enjoyment." 

Join your local club

"I’m a member of an excellent club where we all support each other. Training with like-minded people certainly helps you develop and you can share hints and tips."

Get used to switching track

"Get used to multi-discipline training. Adjusting to this will help reduce the jelly-legged feeling after the cycling portion of the race."

Have confidence in your kit

"Perform regular practice in your kit so that you get used to it, and also to ensure that it's going to last you throughout your event."

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