Our student Laura Barrett tells us her incredible GCSE Maths results and gives her review of our online Maths course.

I have finally managed to obtain a C grade for GCSE Maths at the age of 30 years. I wanted to write this for anyone that is not sure whether they can achieve their GCSE Maths qualification.

As a small child, I remember being the only one in the class struggling to understand anything to do with maths. Then at secondary school, I could only ever achieve a D grade in the foundation paper; I got an E.

I went to college and re-sat this GCSE, raising it to a D grade and still never really grasping how to answer any of my exam paper questions.

I did Adult Numeracy Level 1 and 2 at college to help. This was when I was 18, and after that I went to University and never felt I needed the GCSE Maths C grade. Until recently.

I decided to go into Nursing. This would mean, like it or not, I would have to get a better handle on Mathematics.

I took evening classes to get my Adult Numeracy Level 3, but I knew I would need the GCSE C grade to get into the University I wanted.

I enrolled with ICS Learn to support me with easily accessible resources available at times that suited me around my home and work life schedule.

That was only 8 months ago and thanks to the amazing support and live classrooms from Melissa, the ICS Learn tutor, I now have a grade I never thought possible.

The classrooms are recorded, so even if you aren't able to make the live sessions you can watch them at your leisure. I found this so useful because I could pause and make notes, answer exercise questions and keep up at my own pace.

I would encourage anyone who thinks they can't do this to believe in the team at ICS Learn and believe in the content they provide.

With the unknown grade boundaries this year and the whole system changing, I was really apprehensive about what I was getting into, but Melissa teaches the content for everyone to understand at any level.

You will have to commit and designate weekly time, but 8 months is not long to achieve the GCSE for Maths - don't let it hold you back like it did with me! If I can do it, anyone can.

Good luck to anyone considering enrolling, you won't be disappointed.


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