Our incredibly inspiring 15-year-old student Lewis Edon tells us about his journey to getting his English Language IGCSE and gives us his review of studying online.

I started studying with ICS Learn in March 2016. This was due to the fact I have a very rare bone disease and cancer in my right tibia bone. Due to a severe fracture in this leg, I became home educated, as appointments and operations meant I would have had too much school absence.

We chose ICS Learn as they offered a brilliant array of IGCSEs, flexible learning, excellent tutor support and even a flexible payment plan. Their courses were considerably cheaper than other home education providers, and so this was a better all-round option.

My dad has previously studied with ICS Learn, so studying with them must run in the family! The course I chose to study was IGCSE English Language.

So far I have taken 4 assessment marked tests and achieved a B and 3 As! I am very happy with this as at school, my grades were Ds or below.

My tutor Anna, gives excellent feedback with my marked tests, all which will help in the revision leading up to my exam in June.

I am really enjoying this course. I have found it to be really good in that it teaches you everything you need to know in a way in which you can understand it. 

Being that I have a very serious disability and have to take strong medication, I get very tired in the afternoons. With ICS Learn I can utilise my studying around when I want to submit my test papers, therefore working when I am feeling well enough to do so.

I aim to study a further two IGCSEs with ICS Learn, starting them in June, following my English exam. I am looking at studying maths and dual science and hopefully achieving good pass grades in all of these, to progress hopefully to college or into an apprenticeship. 

I highly recommend ICS Learn, particularly to other home-educated teens, as I have found them to be a brilliant study provider. I hope I do their courses justice in my exams! 


Exam Results Update

Lewis's mum told us:

After weeks of sleepless nights, I woke up to the email from Lewis' exam centre. He got a C! We ran upstairs to deliver the news to a very sleepy Lewis, no idea who was more excited us or him!

For a 15-year-old, who has sat his exam a year earlier than his fellow peers and who is home schooled due to a serious disability (osteofibrous dysplasia and cancer by the name of Adamantinoma), we are incredibly proud, all of us!

Read the full update here.


If you'd like to show your support for Lewis and his family, they have asked that you donate to Family Fund, a charity supporting families with disabled and seriously ill children.

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