There’s only a couple of months to go until the GCSE and A Level exams, and you’ve probably already got a study planner. Somewhere. It was on the desk, wasn’t it? I mean, you might not have seen it in a while but you definitely had one. You promise.

It’s ok, we’re not your mum. We know that once the lure of the new highlighters has worn off studying isn’t the most appealing task.

But here’s the thing: now’s the time. You’ve only got two months max before your exams (and maybe as little as a month – sorry IGCSE Biology students). A few weeks of hard work now will pay off massively in the future, and the only way to ensure you’re making the best use of your time is to create a study planner.

To make your life a little easier, we’ve created a free printable study calendar and weekly planner that you can fill in.


Download our Study Planner

Download our GCSE, IGCSE and A Level Exam Timetable


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