Name: Charlotte Shaw

Course: IGCSE English Language followed by A Level English Literature


After embarking on a proof reading course and not gaining the grade l would have liked, l decided that my English skills needed re-visiting and brushing up. 

However, with family and medical commitments that couldn’t be compromised, l could see that it would be a scheduling nightmare to have to regularly sit in a traditional classroom.  l felt that l had hit a brick wall - until l found ICS Learn.

At first, I was a little sceptical about online learning. l wasn't sure that l would be able to obtain help when I needed it as my tutor wouldn't be face-to-face with me.  However, distance learning enabled me to study around my schedule, and in the comfort of my own home. So… l decided to take the bull by the horns and give it a go - you don't know unless you try!

Upon starting my course, l found it was straightforward to follow. When I did have questions for my tutor, they were swiftly answered and the explanations were great - therefore blowing my scepticism right out of the water and confirming that l had made the correct choice to study with ICS Learn!

Throughout the entire study process, l had a mantra: “I’m only going to get out of it what l put into it.” I knew that study time needed to be utilised to its full potential - no matter what time of the day it was!

Throughout the year l believe that l achieved a well-maintained balance of study and lifestyle. Every member of the family was happy and no one missed out on anything or felt neglected.  Most importantly, dinner was still on the table when the family had become accustomed to it being there!

I managed to schedule the mini-tests for when my husband was home so he could deal with any needs the children might have, therefore leaving me valuable, uninterrupted test time. 

I even amazed myself by being able to follow the video instructions on how to submit tests to my tutor via the computer - online.  (I am a technophobe!)

The turn-around time for marking was excellent. There was no need to chase my tutor for the results, and l received valuable and very constructive feedback/guidance from my tutor.

With help from my tutor, my mantra, and the utilisation of precious study time - plus a few tears and hair pulling episodes along the way - l found myself shell-shocked but pleasantly surprised on results day…

I had gained myself an A*!

All of the hard work had paid off and l had received my icing on top of the cake.

With my achieved grade and an inquisitive question from my tutor, l now find myself pursuing an A Level in English under the same tutor’s guidance.

Where will this lead me in the future?

Who knows?

A degree…


But right now, l am able to combine my passion for reading anything and everything with my re-ignited passion for studying.  Thus, l am fully embracing both once more.

You may well be wondering about the course payments. Well, they can be made in very manageable instalments, which will suit the family purse.  And l would always look and see if ICS Learn have any discounted deals for the course you are looking to study. 

I have found the course great value for money, especially in terms of support and course materials.  On these two points alone I would, without hesitation, recommend studying with ICS Learn to anyone. Not forgetting the flexibility it gives you, which is invaluable to your studies!

But l would also say that the combination of materials and support also requires your hard work to be added into the equation so that you can achieve what you set out to achieve… your best.

You will only get out of it what you put into it!

You can find out more about studying GCSEs with us here.