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ICS Real Stories - Meet Charlotte


Charlotte decided to study IGCSE English with us to brush up on her language skills while having the flexibility to care for her family. Read her success story here. Read More

Want to Learn Five Times Faster? Change One Simple Thing


It’s still almost dark outside. The rain is pelting against your bedroom window. You know you have to get out of bed for class, but your toes curl in anticipation of the cold. You flick the light switch on groggily, reach for your dressing gown, and think: if only I could stay in bed today. Read More

6 Habits for Success from the World’s Most Powerful People


The importance of habit can’t be understated. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives, and being the unsophisticated mammals that we are, a huge amount of our daily behaviour is controlled by habit rather than conscious choice. Read More

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