Name: Trevor Brown

Course: ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management

At my place of work, progression tends to be in line with training.  They take the ILM courses very seriously and place those they feel have progression capabilities on these courses.  

I’ve been approached a few times to join a course; however, I already have qualifications that are equivalent to the ILM3 but were gained in 1993.  The company want everyone to start at ILM Level 2. Plus, I’d knew have to sacrifice a lot of family time and be restricted to the modules that the company feels suit its workplace environment.  

I researched the status of the ILM certification and found that it meets my requirements, whether I choose to stay within my current company or move on if circumstances change.

Following this, I carried out a web search of online learning providers and found ICS Learn to have a long and proven history. 

I made contact with ICS Learn to ensure I could tailor the course to my requirements, these being to complete the modules that my company require to achieve the certification but then to continue studying as many more modules as possible within the allotted time frame; the idea being that I could then take the ILM Level 3 Certificate and continue to a Diploma with just a few more credits required.

Once I was satisfied I decided the time to commence, taking into account workplace responsibilities along with family commitments planned. Upon signing up I received a parcel containing the required paperwork to complete the course which included guidance and online setup details*.

Then I made contact with a course tutor who was very pleasant and accommodating and has been ever since.  

I’m now over half way through the course, and I have been recognised at work for progression.

I regularly have conversations with others within our company that are struggling to complete ILM qualifications through other learning providers as they have full work commitments along with 1 or 2 week deadlines for each assignment - they are stressed, frustrated and taking holiday days in order to complete.

I do find myself on occasion doing things out of work and think I should be studying but with ICS Learn I can usually complete an assignment on a day off (with prior preparation whilst at work, thinking through the content of the section I’m working on).

I get detailed feedback with every assignment within a short period of time and find myself relating situations at work to the course and feel it’s helping me before completion.

I feel rather good about my study choice. Life and work are good now and achieving this can only be positive.

**Please note that as our courses are now completely online, we no longer have course information or materials delivered in physical form. You’ll receive instant access to everything online.