Our incredible student Hayley Vanderhuizen reviews her journey to getting an A* with our online GCSE Maths course.

My name is Hayley and firstly I am a mum of two boys aged 6 and 4 years old.  I am a part-time baker and I have a secret… I want to be a midwife. 

Leaving school at 16, I went straight into work and started earning money. I eventually did some travelling and just continued to ‘fall’ into employment; I have never truly been fulfilled at work, sadly.

One January evening, I mentioned my hankering for a more fulfilling career to my husband, who totally supported me and encouraged me to start an online course so that I could obtain the last GCSE required to begin an access course for University. 

I searched and came across ICS Learn. Since it was January, I was behind the usual start date for GCSEs by three months - this worried me but I thought I would make the call. 

The wonderful lady who signed me up was so reassuring and she saw no reason why, with a bit of hard work, I couldn’t catch up.  I was set…

That evening, I logged on to the ICS Learn website. It was easy to navigate.

I watched two Webinars by the utterly brilliant maths teacher Melissa Lieberman and I have to be honest and say that I was hooked! Melissa has been so supportive, she explained any difficult areas so well, and I would have really struggled without her. 

Some topics were more challenging than others, but you are given so many other supportive YouTube channels to assist, it all made sense eventually!

Needless to say, that after some effort and many practice papers, I sat down for my GCSE Maths exam 22 years to the day that I took my last one, but this time I passed! 

I scored 185/200 and now I head off to my access course with a renewed vigour for learning. Who knew!

ICS Learn is the perfect way to learn.


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