Alice Pughe reviews her journey to getting an A in IGCSE Biology with our online course!


Before my son was born in 2007 I had had a variety of jobs, ranging from restaurant manager to bank clerk.

However, my priorities completely changed now that I had another person relying on me for everything, and the time came to get a career.

There was an obvious career that would suit my main concern - being a mum - and that was teaching.

So when my son was 6 months old I began the long process of gaining a BA (Hons) in History from the Open University.

Initially I planned to teach in secondary education. However, on qualifying as teaching assistant (which I did whilst doing my degree and, of course, raising a child) and working in both primary and secondary schools, I realised my heart lay in primary.

Therein lay the problem; to do so I needed a C Science GCSE. Unfortunately, I had only achieved DD the first time round.

Once I had gained my degree I began to look for the means of retaking a Science GCSE. Whilst there were ample opportunities to do Maths and English GCSEs, it was hard to find anywhere offering Sciences.

I found ICS Learn, and it was perfect for me as I was accustomed to distance learning.

I applied to study a Primary PGCE and was delighted to receive a conditional offer in January; the condition being a B in a Science subject. I was delighted to be able to study Biology as it had always been the part of science that interested me most.

So having arranged my exams for June I set to working through the syllabus. The way the syllabus was presented was extremely easy to access and very user-friendly in terms of both study and revision.

I studied for around 10 hours a week, splitting it over the weekday evenings. It is certainly challenging juggling work, family life and study but so long as you are committed and realistic it is entirely possible and very rewarding.

It was a long old wait for the results in August but worth it as I achieved an A! So in a week I shall begin my PGCE.

Distance learning has allowed me to complete change my career and therefore life and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone.


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