Ok, ok, we admit it – there are way more than ten. But we’ve just lived through what is essentially a two-year televised job interview, and it’s given us a thirst for brevity. Let’s take a closer look at President Trump’s most HR-unfriendly moments.


1. He’s broken many, many rules

Trump has a terrible track record with the rulebook. He’s used money from his charity organisation for personal purchases, offered Ben Carson a job in exchange for an endorsement, defrauded Trump University students, defined the US trade embargo with Cuba, funnelled millions of dollars’ worth of campaign contributions into his own businesses, and generally run afoul of the law countless times.

If he worked in your office, his employee file would reach the roof – and as for booking a meeting room, forget it. 9am, Trump disciplinary. 11am, Trump disciplinary. 1pm… you guessed it.

2. His comments about women are straight out of the 1950s

Trump’s attitude to women is well-documented as being incredibly out-of-touch. He implied that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s no-nonsense questioning was due to it being her time of the month. He wanted to fire all his unattractive female employees and replace them with prettier ones. He said a lawyer was disgusting for requesting a break from to pump breastmilk.

It’s not hard to see how this could cause friction with his new global colleagues: UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel…

3. His comments about race are pretty much the same

His statement that many Mexican immigrants were ‘rapists’ bringing crime and drugs into the country is sadly only the tip of the racially-offensive Trump iceberg. He implied that a judge from Indiana couldn’t do his job because of his Mexican heritage; he allegedly said that all black people are lazy; he condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protestor; he said he would ban Muslims from entering the country.

Not so great for the modern racially-diverse workplace.

4. Not even people with disabilities can escape

Trump openly mocked a journalist with a joint disorder during one of his rallies.

5. He boasted about committing sexual assault

Trump doesn’t do much for his own defence. He’s been accused of sexually assaulting more than 14 women, and while he’s officially denied it, he bragged about being able to do whatever he wanted with women with no repercussions because he’s “a star”.

6. He’s been involved in thousands of lawsuits

Whether he’s the plaintiff or the defendant, Trump has been involved in over 4000 lawsuits in the past 30 years, according to this snazzy interactive chart by USA Today. Whether they were just or unjust – it all adds up to one giant HR headache.

7. He suggested that sexual assault in the military was unavoidable

“What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?” he tweeted, causing uproar in HR departments around the world as they realised how mistaken they had been not to gender-segregate their offices.

Or not.

8. He insults his rivals’ appearance

Can you imagine your CEO publicly lambasting the appearance of your competitor’s CEO? Well, that’s what Trump did to rival political candidates Carly Fiorina (“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?”) and Hillary Clinton.

9. He can’t be trusted to run his own Twitter account

After unleashing some incredible, campaign-damaging statements on Twitter, his aides finally had to take his Twitter account from him. Just imagine having him in charge of the company account.

10. He said he would spy on the private communications of his opponents if he had the chance

Definitely against company policy. And federal laws.  


If even one of these catastrophic Trumpisms happened in the workplace, HR would be working overtime dealing with official complaints and discrimination cases – and we doubt employee Trump would last very long.  

Looks like the US populace is a lot more forgiving than most HR departments.


If the thought of dealing with Trump-esque employees hasn’t put you off a career in HR, then have a look at our range of online CIPD HR courses. CIPD qualifications are the ultimate launching pad for successful careers in HR. No promises on them winning you the presidency though – although after this year, who knows…