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ICS Real Stories - Meet Lee


Name: Lee Braxton

Course: IGCSE Science


After completing a degree via the Open University, the final qualification I need before I can apply for teacher training is a GCSE in a science subject. I spoke to a few different distance learning providers, and was rather unimpressed before chatting to one of the advisors at ICS Learn.

During the enrolment process, I was asked about my current qualifications, and this led to the suggestion that the IGCSE Science course would be the most suitable of the sciences for me due to the amount of mathematics content. A couple of conversations later I felt happy that ICS Learn was the best choice for me and I was happy to join them to complete my final course.

The course content is very well written, and contains regular activities as well as progress checks to ensure that the information I am learning is sinking in.

One thing I am very happy with is how fast my test papers are marked and returned.  I have completed other distance learning courses where I have been waiting 3 or 4 weeks for a response from my tutor, or results from a test paper. Once I have submitted an assignment, I am desperate to get the results back and with ICS Learn I have been getting responses within two working days!

For anyone considering distance learning: it is such a convenient and flexible way to learn.  I work different shifts, so I am unable to commit to going to a college at set times. With the ICS Learn course, everything is accessible via my iPad. I can take the work with me anywhere, and just use any available spare time, which again means I don't have to commit to a weekly routine with set hours.  

I would highly recommend ICS Learn as a convenient and affordable way of enhancing your qualifications and giving you better career prospects.

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