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ICS Real Stories - Meet Abi


Name: Abi Steinhof

Course: CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management

"ICS Learn has made my home learning journey thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling through dedicated lecturers. On contacting ICS Learn, I was provided with all the information I needed and all my questions were answered. This was followed up by an extremely informative email detailing everything we had spoken about. Within three days of joining ICS Learn my course equipment was delivered and my mentor contacted me offering full support.* This continued throughout my studies. Everyone was always extremely helpful and accommodating to my personal circumstances.

The CIPD course was structured in such a way that it pushed me to work faster and more efficiently. Having to prepare assignment 1 and 2; and then 3 and 4 to fully benefit from the workshop spurred me on to complete these assignments once I had attended. Then, before I knew it, I was half way through! It gave me a huge leap of confidence to know I had got that far and once again felt motivated to continue.

I have just submitted my last assignment and I could not feel more proud of what I have achieved over the past 16 months. I feel more confident in my work and ability, but most of all I feel a great sense of achievement completing a home learning course. 

I'm extremely grateful to my tutors for always providing clear instructions on how I could improve in my assignments; the lecturers for being so informative and genuinely interested in my work, future career and guidance on how I can progress in the future. I am also very appreciative of my mentor for always being so understanding and accommodating throughout my journey.

Thank you ICS Learn!"

*Please note that this course is now an online learning course giving you instant access to your course materials, and no course materials are delivered. Also note that mentor duties are now performed by our tutors.

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