I started my ICS Learn course in Accountancy whilst being a stay-at-home mum. Raising three young children I was desperate for a new challenge and welcomed a change to my daily routine.

I was looking for a new career for when I return to work. Completing a distance learning course seemed ideal as it would prove to future employers that I have focus, commitment and that I am goal-driven.

I have already completed the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accountancy in just less than two months and am currently studying towards the AAT Level 3 Diploma. Studying whilst looking after three young children is no easy feat, but I focused my study timetable around evenings and sometimes even managed to find some spare time during the day. Being organised certainly helped me a lot, as it meant I could easily hit the books and had everything in place when the opportunity for studying arose.

Sitting exams filled me with excitement and it still does now at Level 3. And then, of course, there is that great feeling of success when I pass them.

Distance learning works well for me as I am a fast learner and I am working towards my own tight time schedule which allows me to achieve my goals in record time without being held back by cohorts or set weekly study goals dictated by the pace of other students.

I hope that the accountancy qualification will help me in securing a job with good salary prospects and career progression when I am ready to return to work. Additionally, I love the challenge of learning something completely new and the success after passing an exam is incredibly rewarding. I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to anyone looking for a flexible way of working towards their AAT qualification.