Name: Catriona Mundill

Course: CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management

I have recently completed my CIPD Intermediate course and would like to share my story as it has been brilliant.

When I signed up to my Intermediate CIPD course with ICS Learn I did not know what to expect as I had never done a distance learning course before.  When I was signing up the advisors could not have been more helpful and informative. They made the process really straightforward and I couldn't wait to get started.

The course material arrived promptly with a range of material including textbooks*.  It was a really good accompaniment to the course notes. 

I particularly enjoyed the two weekend workshops which were a great opportunity to have face to face contact without taking away from the fact I had signed up to a distance learning course**.  It was great to meet other people who were doing the course and also see the tutors.  

Throughout the course both the mentor and tutor team have been incredibly supportive. My course work has always been marked in a timely manner and the feedback when I haven't got it right first time has been very helpful and detailed.  In addition, the tutors are very approachable and are available to speak in the evenings which makes the process much easier given that I work full time.

During the time that I have been completing the course I have experienced two house moves, 3 job moves (including the stress of being made redundant), all whilst working full time (and good times as well) but the best thing is that ICS have been so flexible and accommodating to this.  Nothing has been too much trouble for my course mentor who has offered me extensions when I haven't been able to complete work on time due to issues in my personal life.  It is a fantastic course for anyone who is working full-time (or part-time).

The way the assessment criteria is laid out makes it easy to accomplish parts of the assignments in bite sized chunks which means you can make progress during week nights or during a busy weekend.  The online resources are brilliant and the Student Community is clear to use.  

This is a brilliant course for anyone who has started their HR career and is wanting to get a recognised qualification. 

I have really enjoyed this course and look forward to completing the Advanced course in the near future. I will definitely be using ICS Learn again for this.

Thank you very much, ICS Learn.


*Please note that as our courses are now 100% online, we no longer have course materials delivered in physical form. You’ll receive instant access to your study materials and textbooks online.

**Attendance at workshops is not compulsory. You may choose to complete the course fully online.