If you’ve been thinking of pursuing a career in fitness, it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. We’ve made it so easy, there’s no excuse not to make your passion for fitness into your career.

Today, we’re launching two 100% online fitness courses in partnership with YMCA Awards to give you better access to top quality training.

Our new Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training courses will be delivered through the latest in online learning technology, meaning they provide an accessible and flexible way of becoming a fitness professional without compromising on quality.

The awarding organisation, YMCA Awards - part of the UK’s leading health and fitness charity Central YMCA - says it has launched the new courses in partnership with us in order to set the standard for online learning in the sector.

Commenting on the new courses, Rob May, director of YMCA Awards, said: YMCA Awards qualifications have always been seen as a benchmark for quality within the health and fitness sector, and our main concern in the delivery of these courses will be to ensure this continues, whilst also embracing the new possibilities that digital learning technology affords.

“Technology is now playing a key part in the learner journey, so we’re working with ICS Learn to ensure that low-quality distance learning does not creep into the market.

“We believe that we’ve produced a qualification and assessment requirements that are of the highest possible quality – they fully support the learner and are as robust as any standard, face-to-face delivered qualification. We’ve achieved this by utilising innovative technology to facilitate learning, including eProctoring, ePortfolios and mobile video assessments.”

Colin Kennedy, our CEO, says the time is right to launch online fitness courses: 

"ICS Learn has consistently sought to deliver qualifications in the most accessible and affordable way. Today our online courses allow everyone to achieve their goals in their chosen career. Delivering a high quality experience to our students, which results in work-ready professionals, is central to the curriculums we support. Personal Fitness is no exception and we are proud to partner with YMCA Awards to make this happen.” 



Research by YMCA Awards last year revealed that students embrace the accessibility of online learning, and sizeable numbers of potential learners want the flexibility that eLearning provides. Data collected during a pilot study found that 21% of students chose to learn outside normal classroom hours, while 14% opted to work at weekends. 

83% of students who took part in the pilot said they would recommend eLearning to others and 100% of tutors agreed that eLearning catered for different learning styles and provided effective support in delivering qualifications.

Commenting on the increasing demand for eLearning, Rob May explains: “there are a number of reasons that online learning might be more suitable for some people – they might have existing work or caring responsibilities that make it hard for them to commit to a period of campus-based study, or even live in a very remote location meaning they can’t easily travel to a classroom.

“We’re confident that the result of our new online courses will be access to more trained fitness professionals in the UK - thereby helping individuals get access to the right advice and support they need, and improving the nation’s health.”

Our Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing is the essential qualification you need to join the Register of Exercise Professionals and practice as a fitness instructor in gyms, heath clubs, leisure centres or community centres.

Our Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training will take your fitness career to the next level, allowing you to create tailored exercise and nutrition plans for your clients and offer one-to-one training in a gym or independently.

Our combined Level 2 and 3 course allows you to become a fully qualified personal trainer with no prior qualifications or experience, making it ideal if you're looking to change your career and make your passion your profession.

What are you waiting for?