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ICS Real Stories - Meet Fiona


I’m 40 this year and somewhere along the way I’ve gained 20 years of HR experience but I’ve never managed to complete my CIPD qualification. I’ve held affiliate level membership for over a decade but I’ve always felt that I’ve left myself down because that affiliate doesn’t really reflect my experience or abilities. The last time I studied for more than a few days was almost 15 years ago and life has changed since then; I no longer have the luxury of focussing entirely on partying and study (I recall that was the priority order when I read Law at Swansea University!) so when I tried to pick up my CIPD a few years ago I was overwhelmed. Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Catriona


I have recently completed my CIPD Intermediate course and would like to share my story as it has been brilliant. When I signed up to my Intermediate CIPD course with ICS Learn I did not know what to expect as I had never done a distance learning course before. When I was signing up the advisors could not have been more helpful and informative. They made the process really straightforward and I couldn't wait to get started. Read More

7 Ultimate Apps for Success as a Personal Trainer


Being a personal trainer is not a career. It’s a calling. You got into this job because you want to help people live better, healthier, lives. Because you want to push others to smash their goals and do things they never thought they could. Because you want to make the world a better place, one set of toned abs at a time. You’re a saint! A wise yogi master! You’re the hero that Gotham deserves! Read More

Have a Passion for Fitness? Come Meet Our New Courses!


If you’ve been thinking of pursuing a career in fitness, it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. We’ve made it so easy, there’s no excuse not to make your passion for fitness into your career. Today, we’re launching two 100% online fitness courses in partnership with YMCA Awards to give you better access to top quality training. Read More