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ICS Real Stories - Meet Jack


There's nothing quite like a mid life crisis to make you address the failings of the past! I was one of the best in my class at maths in junior school. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong at high school, maybe others were just better than me and knocked me off my arrogant perch. Read More

AAT’s New 2016 Syllabus: Everything You Need To Know


If you’re an AAT student (or are thinking of becoming one), you’ve probably heard about the syllabus change and are wondering what it means for you. We’ve put together a guide to answer all your questions, and help you move seamlessly into the new courses – we know it can be confusing! Read More

GCSE Results Day: What To Do If You Didn’t Get The Grades


GCSE results day can be a super-stressful time. Your GCSEs determine which A Levels you can take, which sixth form you can go to, and often which university course you can take, so they’re undoubtedly important - but if you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for, don’t panic! All isn’t lost. Read More

A Level Results Day: What To Do If You Didn’t Get The Grades


A Level results day is an exciting, terrifying time. Your A Level grades are, after all, what get you into uni – a lot rests on that little bunch of letters. That means that if you didn’t quite get the grades you were hoping for, you’re probably freaking out. We don’t blame you – it’s easy to feel like bad grades are the end of the world. Read More

How the Rise of Tuition Fees Could Radically Alter Education


Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll already have heard that from next year, university tuition fees in England will rise to £9250. You might think this is nothing much to worry about. The last fee rise, in 2011, almost tripled the upper limit from £3,290 to £9000 and gave an entire generation of young people a heart attack. A raise of £250 seems pretty tame by comparison. Read More