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ICS Real Stories: Meet Will | Online CIPD Level 3 Review

By ICS Learn at 14 Dec 2016
When Will decided he wanted to branch out in his career with a CIPD HR course, he chose ICS Learn to make it happen - and he couldn't be happier he did. Read More

What Does HR Do?

By Lauren Jack at 2 Dec 2016
The human resources department is the glue that holds an office together, but you might not realise just how much it’s responsible for. Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Cynthia

By ICS Learn at 25 Nov 2016
Cynthia needed a GCSE Maths Grade C in order to complete her science foundation year. Too late to join college, she came back to ICS Learn. Read More

What’s the Difference Between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

By Lauren Jack at 18 Nov 2016
If you'd like to make a career our of your knack for numbers, one of these professions could be for you - but which one will suit you best? Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Charlotte

By ICS Learn at 14 Nov 2016
After completing a degree in psychology, Charlotte realised it wasn't for her. We gave her the flexibility? to get an HR qualification while working full-time. Read More

10 Reasons Donald Trump is an HR Nightmare

By Lauren Jack at 9 Nov 2016
Between insulting women and people of colour, boasting about sexual assault, and breaking the law, US President Elect Donald Trump is a walking HR catastrophe. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Alice | Online IGCSE Biology Review

By ICS Learn at 7 Nov 2016
Before my son was born in 2007 I had had a variety of jobs, ranging from restaurant manager to bank clerk. However, my priorities completely changed now that I had another person relying on me for everything, and the time came to get a career. Read More

Is Being a Personal Trainer Right for Me?

By Lauren Jack at 4 Nov 2016
With the flexibility, low stress and high fulfilment that a career in personal training offers, it’s no wonder it’s a dream job for many. Not many careers allow you to genuinely change people’s lives, but as a PT, you can watch your clients get healthier and happier with every session. Read More
There are 42 items on 6 pages.