"Thanks to studying with ICS Learn I became a student midwife.

I left school with a few GCSEs because at the age of 16 I was a completely different person than I am now.  Back then I didn't understand the importance of GCSEs and how much of an influence they would have on my life and career, but not having completed certain GCSEs has held me back for most my life. 

I didn't have the correct GCSEs to get me into the university course I wanted after school.  I've always wanted to become a midwife, it was a real passion of mine but after school with my poor GCSEs I thought that I best forget the idea.  Instead I got a job as a flight attendant, which is great when you're 18. I was able to travel the world for free and earn money at the same time but after a few years and after being promoted to cabin manager there was nowhere else for me to go. I'd reached a point where I stood still, both financially and in career progression. I enjoyed the job but I wanted to achieve more.

There was that one big problem though: being a flight attendant was the only thing I knew how to do and the limited GCSEs I achieved always got in my way. I knew I had to begin taking steps towards the career I'd always dreamed of or stand still forever and just plod along.

During my time flying I also became a mother to a little boy whom I needed to support, so quitting work to go to college wasn't an option for me. I felt stuck in a rut; it seemed that it was easier to just stick with what I knew rather than be brave and make a change. Then I pictured myself being 55 years old pushing the drinks trolley along on a 6am Malaga flight barking at the passengers "Any drinks please?"... I decided to take that next step.  

I phoned up ICS Learn one evening feeling lost and confused but a nice friendly Scottish accent answered my call and helped me out. I enquired about a few science GCSEs because they were the ones I needed and had not achieved back in school.  I realised I could pay for the course in affordable instalments. I managed to fit my studies around my work schedule and studied when my boy was in school. I enrolled on IGCSE Human Biologyand IGCSE Biology because they were relevant to midwifery and subjects I'm really interested in anyway.  

You can't put a price on your education!

At the time it was a small step to take and I wondered if I could afford it but I can honestly say in many ways it was the biggest step I've ever taken in my life. I don't think you can really put a price on your education because it is an investment into your future.  

The day my work folders* arrived I felt very excited. I neatly arranged them and then logged onto the student website to introduce myself to my tutors. My course was simple, easy to follow and broken down into units with tests at the end to check my progress.  Theonline student community was easy to navigate and enabled me to submit questions or any work I wanted to get checked. My tutors responded quickly and were really helpful... even on a bank holiday!!

Then Results Day came...

I achieved an A in Biology and a B in Human Biology.  I didn't work like crazy, but I did set time aside for my studies and stuck to it.  

If I can achieve those grades then anyone can!!! I didn't believe in myself but now I do. I went on to be able to study an access course in midwifery and then apply to university. I quit my job in June and I'm now a full time student midwife, I absolutely love it!!

I can honestly say I wake up and pinch myself because I feel so pleased with how far I've come and with what I've achieved.

It all starts with baby steps, the future you will thank you!

I would recommend studying with ICS Learn because you can study in your own time from the comfort of your own home; it’s convenient, simple, and straight forward. Help is always at hand.

I wish anybody embarking on a new study journey the very best of luck in following their dream goals."

*Please note that all our courses have now been digitised and we no longer send out printed materials.