“In January 2015, as I was approaching the end of my Open University degree course, I decided to apply to the Schools Direct teacher training programme. However, I was horrified and disappointed to discover that the Science Leaving Certificate qualification I got thirty years ago was not sufficient to gain me entrance to the course. I asked the course coordinator's advice about what I could do to achieve the necessary GCSE Grade C and she suggested I complete an IGCSE and sit the exam in a local college.

After investigoogling my options, I decided to study with ICS Learn - the course materials for the IGCSE Science course seemed good and the testimonials I read, both on the ICS Learn website and following a quick web search, were complimentary. On top of that there was a £100 discount if I paid in one go!

I received my course folders in February* and embarked on a gruelling three months of study - not only was I trying to cram two years of science studies into three months, but I was also still working on my degree, looking after my family and working nearly full-time. It was very tiring, but incredibly interesting and rewarding.  Suddenly I learnt about new chemical elements that hadn’t been discovered yet 30 years ago, and as for cloning... Wow! I also realised that I really enjoy Physics; that was a surprise! I augmented my ICS Learn materials with the help from both BBC Bitesize and EdExcel revision guides, and found that they complemented each other well.

On the morning of results day I went back to the college with great trepidation. Terrified I had failed, hoping I had got the Cs I needed. I was overwhelmed and delighted (to say the least!) to discover I had achieved A* in Science Double Award. As a result, I was offered a place on the teacher training course and am now on my way to achieving my life-long ambition of becoming a Primary School teacher. “

*Please note that all our course are now fully online courses and we no longer send out printed materials.