Name: Simone Braybrook

Lives in: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Studied: CIPD Level 3 Diploma in Human Resource Practice

Why ICS? She had a positive experience with ICS compared to other providers.

Simone works for a multi-service company in the security sector. The job can pay well, but the odd hours and night shifts aren’t ideal. She recently realised that, if she wanted to move forward with a career, she would need to move into a new sector.

“I chose to start an HR qualification, as I couldn't see where I’d be able to progress from my current role and still achieve a good work life balance,” she tells us.  

But Simone didn’t just choose human resources for the sake of a career change. She was also attracted to HR as a discipline. It seemed like a good fit on many different levels.

“The clear progression routes, helping people, and improving practices, work quality and environment - that appealed to me.”

Once she’d decided that HR was right for her, Simone’s next task was to find a way to earn an HR qualification whilst continuing in her current job. She got to work researching providers, a process that eventually led her to ICS Learn.  

“I didn’t want to waste my hard-earned money”

Changing careers is a major decision, and one that Simone takes seriously. She knew she wanted to earn her CIPD Level 3 Diploma, but she didn’t want to jump into a course with just any provider.

“I had a look at learning providers online and read reviews, including bad reviews for others providers that I had been pestered by, which put me off. I was quite skeptical to use a distance provider, as I had heard a lot of negative reviews and didn’t want to waste my hard-earned money,” she explains.

“With ICS Learn, I was able to talk via online chat and find out all the information I wanted without making a phone call, which was good for me, as I work days and nights on a rota pattern. That’s also why I chose distance learning, as I couldn't reduce days at work to go to college.”

“Distance learning through ICS Learn was ideal”

Once enroled, Simone got to work studying her modules, attending workshops and completing assignments. She wanted to pass the course and she didn’t want to spend forever doing it. Time was of the essence.

“Distance learning through ICS Learn was ideal for me, as I was determined to complete the course quickly, which I did in about seven months. I did this by spending my lunch at work reading, working through activities in my folder and writing notes for my assignments. I then wrote these up and submitted them on my days off.

“It fit around my shift pattern, on my terms. There was no pressure from anyone else or matching my progress against classmates, which can be daunting. It was a buzz to see the PASS on my assignment, as I didn't need much assistance.”

“It boosted my confidence”

Simone is certain that her CIPD qualification will help make her a valuable HR employee. She hopes to add a fresh perspective to a company that may have fallen out of pace with contemporary HR best practices.

“I'm applying for HR roles to gain experience and, as I completed early, I will take a few months break before I start Level 5 through ICS Learn.

“My dream role would be HR Officer, then possibly taking on a supervisor/managerial role, and then…who knows! We will take it step by step. I think for me it's more about the company and the environment and the package as a whole.”

Earning a qualification through distance learning left Simone with more than just another line for her CV. In addition to the skills and knowledge she gained, the course showed her just how much she’s capable of achieving.

“What I enjoyed most was the feedback from tutors and completing in a fast time. Also, the presentation workshop - I felt I really changed as a person after that. It boosted my confidence.”

“Don’t be shy”

When asked what advice she would give to new students enroled on the same course, Simone says to make use of the ICS Learn Student Community and tutor support.

“Ask as many questions as you want, post as much as you want on the forum, don't be shy - we have all probably had the same questions!”

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