Time really flies... And it's now only 15 days until A Level results will be released and 22 days until you'll receive results if you sat your GCSEs/IGCSEs this summer. Today's blog features GCSE maths student Linzi who has successfully passed her GCSE Maths exams with a Grade C - just what she hoped to achieve. With the help of her tutor Melissa and the Student Service team she was over the moon when she held her official results paper in her hands.

Here's what she said about her experience of studying with ICS Learn.

“I would highly recommend ICS Learn for any GCSEs you may need. I needed Maths C grade and above and was really freaking out about it. I have got my C grade now and am extremely happy! I didn't think I could achieve this at all. On reflection now, my biggest piece of advice would be to not hesitate one bit! Start straight away!...get straight into practising past test papers over and over again. Don't be afraid of higher tier papers either...this may even get you a B or A*! I did higher tier, felt like a mountain at first but with regular past paper practice (daily for me) it got easier!

I made sure that I tuned in every week for the webinars with the lovely Melissa. I genuinely felt that the webinars were extremely helpful in my learning and never felt like I was left alone.

I received my results via email and was so happy to know all my hard work had paid off...had I been more like I was towards to the end of my study period at the very beginning who knows what grade I could have achieved but for now I am very proud to have gained a C! It's a brilliant sense of achievement.

Should I ever need another GCSE for anything I will definitely be using ICS Learn! They offer an amazing way to get what you need to move forward.”

Further stories and advice for results day 2015 to be published on our blog soon, so watch out for more stories and tips.