In less than a month A Level and GCSE/IGCSE results will be revealed to hundreds of thousands of students across the country. Not all of them will have studied for their exams in the traditional school environment. Some will have attended a college, others will have gone through an online or distance learning provider like ICS Learn.

This time last year lots of our students were as anxious as you are right now, waiting for their results to reach them. Each and everyone was hoping for a positive outcome after all the hard work they had put into their studies. Some of them have allowed us to share their stories with you.

First up is Anthony who enrolled on our GCSE Maths course. Here's how he felt after he completed his exams.

“I must say, it was quite annoying having to sit back and wait two months just to get my Exam results but at least I can say it was worth it.

On the day I left home to obtain the results paper from the college, I was thrilled, I knew I had tried my best but I wasn't sure it was enough.


I really enjoyed every bit of the maths coursework, even the hard parts, I have benefited so much from studying with ICS Learn, it was well worth my time."

Our advice to you: Be patient. Results day will come around sooner than you think; and in the meantime watch out for more of our students' stories here on our blog.