What can I do if I fail my GCSEs?

There are still plenty of options available to you if your GCSE results are not quite what you expected and hoped for. Those of you who have places on courses at school and colleges at stake, may have to change their original plan to get into university or the career of their dreams. It is important to take action sooner rather than later, so you can get back on track or start a new career path altogether.

Potential Routes/ Next Steps?

Talk to your teachers - On results day, you should be at school to pick up your exam results. At this point if your exams are not quite what you hoped for, you should speak to your teachers about re-marking your results. You will need to make any re-marking requests through your school. Ensure someone is looking into the matter for you and that action is being taken.

If you have requested that your exams be remarked, some sixth forms and colleges might allow you to start your studies pending the outcome of your request. 

Appeal Your results - If you feel your exam results are not a true reflection of your ability, it may be possible to challenge them. To challenge your exam results you must speak to your school where you sat the exams. There is a charge for remarking of exams and you must be aware that your grade will not always improve - in fact it may get worse. If your exam result is changed the fee for remarking will be refunded.

Talk to your sixth form or college - If your results aren't quite what you expected go to your intended sixth form or college to discuss your grades and options. They might be able to offer you a place on a different course even if it is not the course you initially intended to take. They may also recommend colleges elsewhere which have different entry reqirements on their courses.

Resit your GCSEs - Whilst you may find it difficult to come to terms with doing the work you have completed all over again, it may be your best option to resit your GCSEs  - this will give you the chance to improve your grades and get on a course or A Level you really want to do. You should however check that the course you are applying for will accept resits. Redoing your exams will demonstrate how truly dedicated to the course you are and this can in fact be beneficial to any future applications you make.

Vocational courses - If you found your exams particularly difficult, it may be that an academic career is not for you. Many vocational courses do not have an exam at the end and allow you to skip the first two years of university. Many companies now offer apprenticeships including some of the biggest players in the business world. You might also consider applying for a more practical course at your sixth form school or college if there is anything you are particularly interested in.

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