Name: Jade Shorrocks

Lives in: Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Currently studying: CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma

Why ICS? The ability to tailor her learning to suit her work and home life.

What Jade likes most about working in human resources is the variety each day brings. She likes that every day is different and that she never knows exactly what to expect.

When she came across ICS online, she decided to earn her CIPD Advanced Diploma in HR Management via online learning. Despite being the toughest CIPD course on offer, Jade was motivated by the career opportunities available to Advanced Diploma holders.

“I don’t have to lose time travelling to centres”

The main reason Jade chose to go the online learning route was the flexibility it afforded her. The ability to study in her own time was a major perk.

“I chose to study with ICS via online learning as it allowed me flexibility and to tailor my learning to suit my work and home life,” she explains.

“After previously being a full time student at university, I knew that distance learning would be better suited to my learning style. It also means that I don't have to lose time travelling to centres every week. This also suited my employer, who could not allow me day release.”

“It’s a great way to keep me entertained”

Jade has always been passionate about learning and, so far, earning her qualification has been far more enjoyable than it has been taxing.

“If I have a busy week at work or at home, I can choose to drop the books for a while or study less. A quiet week, and I can study more. It's my choice.

“My partner often works away and it’s a great way to keep me entertained; I class it as a hobby.”

“I know I have lots of support when I need it”

In addition to her flexible study schedule, Jade has appreciated having her tutor and mentor on hand to answer her questions.

“When I need support or advice, I simply email my tutor or call my mentor who can quickly answer my queries. They even help to calm pre-exam nerves! I feel completely independent with my studies, but I know I have lots of support when I need it.”

“I’ve enjoyed learning”

The most difficult part of the course for Jade has been balancing her study and social life, and remembering how to write an essay. However, as her course continues, she’s found the process quite gratifying.

“I’ve enjoyed learning, and applying what I've learnt into practice,” she tells us.

“I can see the career progression the qualification gives me”

Jade’s dream role would be to work as an HR Consultant, and she’s confident that earning a CIPD qualification will get her one step closer to achieving that goal. She says having a CIPD qualification is now vital, as the majority of HR positions require it.

“I have a development program at work linking to my course, and I can see the career progression the qualification gives me. Once qualified I will be one step further to my dream job and I will be able to fully utilise my new skills and knowledge.”

She adds that the qualification won’t only give her a greater understanding of human resources, but also the business acumen she needs to climb the career ladder.

“The qualification allows me greater freedom in the future”

Earning a qualification via online learning has also inspired Jade to think beyond her more immediate career goals. Yes, it’s opened her up to new work opportunities, but it’s also reminded her of how personally rewarding the learning process is.

“The qualification allows me greater freedom in the future, whether that is within my current organisation or a new organisation. Or even a different country.

“However, as I have a passion for learning and with the full freedom ICS allows, I don't think I will stop there.”

“Just go for it!”

When asked what advice she would give to other students who have just enrolled on an online learning course, Jade says to focus on time management and to simply crack on with the work.

“Plan your time well; it goes quicker than you think. Don't spend too long writing assignments - just go for it!”

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