Name: Sherica Austin

Lives in: Salisbury

Studied: ICS Bookkeeping and Accounts

Why ICS Learn? It was easy to sign-up and she could study in her own time.

Sherica moved to England from the Caribbean in 2012 with her husband, whose work as an engineer led him to the UK. She had studied accounting in college, but wanted to brush up on her bookkeeping skills and earn a qualification that would be recognised in Britain.

"I always liked maths"

It was a natural knack for mathematics that attracted Sherica to accounting in the first place. She tells us that her interest in the subject started from an early age.

"I was strong in maths and always liked maths. It was one of my strongest subjects from a young age. I was always calculating stuff," she explains.

"I took a business class in high school, and then continued with the subject right up through college."

"It looked really interesting and it was easy to sign-up"

About two years after the big move, Sherica started looking into courses that would fit with her schedule and boost her job prospects. With a three-year-old daughter at home, she needed a course that was flexible.

Sherica's online searches led her to our ICS Bookkeeping and Accounts distance learning course. It was exactly what she was looking for.

"It looked really interesting and it was easy to sign up," she says. And that's just what she did. In January 2014, she enrolled on the course.

"I could study in my own time"

After signing up for the course, Sherica got started right away. Despite some initial nervousness, she drew on her previous accounting training and quickly found her rhythm. Distance learning made it easy to squeeze her studies in around her other obligations.

"My course materials were sent in that same week, and I was surprised and anxious to start," she remembers. "I found time to study during my daughter's naptimes, or when she was away at nursery."

"I could study in my own time," she says.

"The tutor was always there to assist me in every way possible"

For Sherica, the course helped jog her memory and refresh the knowledge that she gained in college. She particularly enjoyed learning about balance sheets, which she remembered well from her previous studies. 

The hardest part of the course was variance analysis. It was completely new to her, and she was puzzled as to which formulas to use. She was glad to have the support from her ICS tutor.

"The course started off really nice with some challenging assignments, but the tutor was always there to assist me in every way possible."

"It was money worth spending"

In September 2014, four months in advance of the deadline, Sherica completed the course and earned her official ICS Bookkeeping and Accounts Diploma. She's started looking into bookkeeping jobs in her area, and she feels more confident with a UK-recognised qualification on her resume.

"I have no regrets choosing ICS Learn to begin my journey of studies. I am forever loyal and will continue in the future with any course.

 "It was my money worth spending. Thank you ICS Learn!"