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Marketing Student Stories:
CIM Student Stories: Amber Dacres | CIM Level 4 Review

Amber Dacres

CIM Level 4

Amber fell into marketing as a career but decided to enrol on a CIM Level 4 Certificate in order to upskill and excel in her current role.

I’m currently a Marketing Associate working for a financial technology company in London. Having studied languages at university, I fell into marketing and ended up learning on the job.

For me, this left gaps in terms of knowing more about how to effectively use data, how to plan accurately and successfully and how to target customers based on their segmentation.

In order to fill this gap, I decided the best course of action was to undergo a marketing qualification.

ICS Learn stood out because it could fit seamlessly into my day-to-day. I didn’t have to take time out of work or interrupt my life too much as everything could be done online.

After having studied at university and having attended physical classes, I was worried it would be hard to self-motivate when everything was already online for me to study. However, ICS Learn sets up its courses in a way that gets you into a flow of study.

You can easily follow the learning paths per module in small, manageable chunks which makes self-motivation a lot easier. The content is a mixture of diagrams, downloadable documents, video and text, there are also activities as you go that helps you to actually retain the information that you’re learning.

I hope to complete my qualification this year; as a whole, it has really helped me to develop within my career as a marketer.

I can now demonstrate my ability to professionally plan and execute campaigns based on my knowledge of marketing theory rather than it all being guesswork. I now feel secure in my ability to develop and grow within the industry and can’t wait to see where my career and my qualification take me!


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