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ICS Real Stories: Esme | Online GCSE Psychology Review

Esme Mirzoeff

GCSE Psychology

Esme Mirzoeff loved the flexibility of studying GCSE Psychology online, here she reviews her experience and shares her fantastic results!

I had just started studying my GCSEs at school, but I found that a few of my subjects didn’t actually interest me in the slightest.

I saw no reason to continue with these, and I actually started looking at ways that I could study Psychology, something I was hugely interested in, outside of school.

It wasn’t long until I found ICS Learn.

What initially appealed to me about ICS Learn was the freedom and flexibility it offered, which is something hard to come by in school.

I approached my school asking if I could drop a subject I wasn’t interested in and use the free periods to complete the Psychology course online.

Luckily, with an understanding head teacher, I was able to learn in this way.

Studying a Psychology GCSE with ICS Learn made me enjoy learning again, and it gave me something in the school day to look forward to.

At first, I was slightly concerned that as it was all independent, I would struggle to complete the course. I could not have been more wrong!

With a personal tutor who I could contact at any time, plus a course structure which is laid out clearly and simply, I was confident throughout completing the course.

Compared to traditional classroom learning, I was able to learn in a way that worked for me and play to my strengths. The most important thing for me was that I could learn how I wanted, when I wanted, and what I wanted.

From September 2017, until the exams in May/June 2018, I worked extremely hard to make sure I understood everything in the syllabus and was also able to remember and apply what I had learnt.

It seemed my hard work paid off, as I have just found out I have got an A!

I am overjoyed with this result and studying Psychology with ICS Learn has given me an understanding of the subject which will undoubtedly help when I study it at A Level.

I would recommend ICS Learn to anyone who is perhaps unhappy with what they are studying, or how they are learning it. With ICS learn, you will easily be able to turn it around!


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