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Will a CIPD Qualification Help You Get a Job in HR?

Many of our students ask us about the impact that a CIPD qualification can have on their career, as they consider whether to take the plunge and enrol on a course.

While we hear from students that credit their success to these qualifications, we wanted to take our research further to find out whether a CIPD qualification would boost your chances of getting a new role.

We studied 600 job adverts to answer whether a CIPD qualification would help you to get a job in HR once and for all.

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Our Methodology

For this research, we used job site Reed to compare 600 open HR vacancies in the UK. We studied 200 ads at each entry-, mid- and senior-level to break down our results based on experience.

By examining each job advert, we classified which required CIPD qualifications, roles in which CIPD would be an advantage and those in which CIPD wasn’t mentioned. This survey was conducted from the 26th of July to the 16th of September 2019.

We also conducted a survey to collate the top employers that mentioned CIPD in their job adverts. These results are based on UK HR job ads, available on Indeed Jobs on the 15th of July 2019.


It's clear to see that a CIPD qualification could really help you to get ahead in your career, especially if you're looking for a senior role. Don't miss out on your shot at the role of your dreams, continue your personal development and improve your prospects. 


Get CIPD qualified to take the next step in your HR career.

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