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The Top 5 Podcasts for HR Professionals

Podcasts have drastically increased in popularity, with in-depth shows on a variety of subjects from business success stories to living a healthier lifestyle.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that those in the people profession have taken to the microphone to share their experience. If you want to be inspired, learn and be part of a wider community, then enjoying a regular podcast could be the way to go.

We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground (quite literally) to find the very best podcasts for HR professionals. Though it was tough, we’ve managed to narrow these down to five top contenders to get you joining in on the fun.

The CIPD Podcast

As part of the suite of materials that the CIPD offer HR professionals, they have an authoritative and expansive library of podcasts. These contain useful advice and interviews with representatives from bodies like ACAS, which can really help to equip you for unexpected situations.

Their harassment podcast has been hugely popular, featuring Julie Dennis from ACAS and the CIPD's Head of Public Policy, Ben Willmott. Both of these interviewees bring practical advice to the table.

Julie Dennis discusses undertaking investigations and supporting both parties during the course of any action. In her view, employers should be listening to what the complainant really wants from taking the problem to HR and attempting to reconcile this where possible.

Bullying and harassment at work is a hot topic, thanks to the likes of the #MeToo movement and subsequent headlines in the wake of whistleblowing. This advice is very useful and contains helpful steps to deal with any such complaints to avoid legal action and retain good staff that may otherwise be alienated.

There’s also a discussion on the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) as a barrier to prevent victims of harassment from talking after an agreement has been reached. Ben Willmott talks through the future for these contracts and whether they really have a place in the workplace going forward.

Using this podcast to understand the hypotheticals will ensure that you’re always ready to follow the CIPD best practice should these ever become real scenarios. Bringing your theoretical knowledge and these scenarios together could make you a more effective HR practitioner.

This podcast is one of the original broadcasts in the profession, so there’s a large library of podcasts to listen to. Most episodes are around 30 minutes long, you can also read more about any of the topics on the CIPD site.

Hiring on all Cylinders

If there’s a recruitment element in your HR role, then this podcast can give you the fire you need to get the right candidates. Not everyone enjoys recruitment as a periphery HR responsibility, but if you’re able to take some of these tips on board it can get better.

This podcast covers information that comes from the cutting edge of recruitment challenges, including ghosting, burnout and diversity. They also discuss the stumbling blocks of the modern workplace, as recruitment professionals must keep on top of employee experience, talent pools and remote candidates.

It’s hosted by Sean Simerly, the man in charge of Senior Manager, Sales Development and Demand Generation at Entelo. Entelo is a company that offers recruitment software and are the organisers of the show.

In a recent episode on candidates ghosting their new roles, they cover the critical 90-day period in the workplace. They also touch on reputation management, the changing meaning of talent pool in a remote environment and employee engagement.

They also touch on the concept of ‘yes to desk’ to manage the critical phase between the offer letter to the first day, in which ghosting can happen.

Millennials are more passive job seekers than their older counterparts in the workplace and effectively have to be sold on a career opportunity. This can cause them to waver in the time between the ‘yes’ to the opportunity to the actuality of working in the role.

During this time, they’ve gone from being sold the role to near silence from the new company and they may also be headhunted by other companies at this time.

This is a really fantastic podcast, so we’d recommend listening to this episode in full to get the full scope of the discussion. If you’re looking for a podcast that will keep you entertained with different guests and topics, this could be a great listen for you.

If you’re looking to further your HR career then this could give you the confidence to get involved in the hiring process, adding another string to your bow. Contributing ideas around onboarding, retention and people practices can really impress those around you to further your career.

That HR Podcast

From the team behind People Management magazine comes That HR Podcast, a monthly podcast examining the latest news impacting the profession. Two staff writers of People Management, Emily Burt and Lauren Brown, are joined by a cavalcade of experts examining the biggest headlines.

Their episode on the Millennial Myth is particularly interesting for HR professionals, as it scratches below the surface of the perception of millennials to the facts that drive this sector of the workplace. We won’t spoil too much about their findings, but the avocado loving millennial that you may think you’re appealing to may not actually match up to your perception.

We’re always hearing that millennials want flexible working, perks and new opportunity – but this may not actually be more prevalent within this generation than any other.

Guest André Spicer, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Cass Business School, brings insight into the real influences at each stage in a career. While there are some differences from a socio-economic background, they’re not inherently more flighty, ambitious or difficult to retain than any other generation in his view.

These monthly podcasts are well produced and thought-provoking. If you’re feeling out of touch in a smaller HR department or want to bring more knowledge to your day to day tasks, you can delve into these episodes for around 45 minutes a piece. This podcast only launched in 2018, so there isn’t a massive back catalogue but you can get up to date and start eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

The storytelling within this podcast will keep you engaged through from a surface level explanation to practical advice from the experts. They cover crisis management, apprenticeships and even social media at work.

The HR Happy Hour

As you would probably guess from the name, this is a more laid-back podcast with an informal tone. While the topics are approached in a chilled way, the discussion is salient and backed-up with real research.

Hard-hitting topics and information are delivered in a fun way by the hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane.

They’re also joined by big names like Nickoria Johnson from Alliance Data Systems, Stacia Sherman Garr of RedThread Research and Carole Jackson of Mercer. These experts are putting theories into practice and make for interesting interviewees.

In a recent show covering diversity and inclusion, they’re joined by guest Dr Laura Hamill, Chief People Officer and Chief Science Officer at Limeade.

They chat about the gap between diversity in recruitment and inclusion in practice, which is a struggle that’s felt by many companies.

While recruiters may be able to bring in a diverse workforce, if these hires don’t feel listened to or valued then they can leave within just a short time period. Diverse teams can feel like a short-term solution, but if there’s a long-term issue with culture then these gaps between different team members can widen.

This is an interesting take on a problem that plagues a lot of workplaces that spend resources on building these teams. Actionable steps from this podcast include actively directing the conversation to quieter colleagues, challenging company culture and measuring these changes.

These episodes are generally around 30 to 60 minutes, so can easily fit into your working day and your personal development plan.

The TJ Podcast

As a companion to the news published on Training Journal, this podcast tackles the L&D part of the HR function. This is often forgotten about and neglected, so make sure you’re brushing up with this podcast too.

If you want to learn about the outcomes of new L&D research, but don’t have the time to trawl through the abstracts, then this podcast can give you the heads up and facts that you need to know. The hosts Jon, Jo and Kate chat through who the people behind the research are, the outcomes and the impact that it’s likely to have.

As well as the longer episodes on research and headlines, there are smaller features within their queue. Around National Apprenticeship Week, they shared bite-sized interviews with apprentices and their employers. We’ve seen plenty of these circulated in the written word but this is a new way to enjoy that information.

They’re also tackling the issue of harassment at work in a recent episode, however they do so from the training side.

They discuss the need for training to protect whistle-blowers, beyond the simple act of providing policies and procedures. Providing training and endorsement from the top down to build trust should be implemented to allow victims to come forward.

Creating this kind of mandatory training can create a cultural shift that can reduce the instances of these actions and increase reporting. Doing so not only protects the company legally, it also protects the people within the organisation. These are just some of the great tips to bring to your workforce from this podcast.

The monthly episodes of this podcast are around 20 to 30 minutes long, with shorter features for the likes of National Apprenticeship Week.

Podcasts can offer a lighter way to digest news and policy changes, without having to hit the books during the working day! The knowledge that these can bring can make you more effective and readier to advance in your career.

Enjoy listening to these episodes then search further afield to find even more podcasts that help you to shine.

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