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ICS Learn Case Study: Northern Gas Networks | CIPD Courses

Laura Fenn

CIPD Level 7

Laura Fenn, HR Advisor at Northern Gas Networks, studied her CIPD Level 7 with us for increased flexibility and to take on new responsibilities at work.

I began studying my Level 7 CIPD Certificate with ICS Learn in July 2018, just one month after completing my Level 5 with another provider.

I began my career as an HR Assistant and was keen to progress to Advisor level within my current organisation - something which I achieved after completion of my Level 5.

However, my Level 5 course was classroom-led and meant that 8 face-to-face sessions had to be attended in order to pass.

Whilst I did enjoy meeting new people, I felt I could have completed the course in a much quicker time had I had the flexibility to work at my own pace and to my own deadlines - hence why I chose ICS Learn for my level 7 studies!

I enjoyed my Level 5 course so much that I didn’t want to stop my studies, and after much research into different providers, ICS Learn was by far the most flexible and boasted a 96% pass rate. 

My manager and HR director were very happy to let me choose the provider of my choice, however, were initially worried about the fact that the course was 100% online and questioned whether or not I would be given sufficient support. 

Since beginning my course, my experience has been absolutely fantastic, and I cannot express how much more I enjoy online learning than classroom-based.

Not only does my tutor respond to queries immediately, she is also happy to answer any question (however repetitive or silly it seems) until I understand! My assignments are also marked within 2-3 days - something that often took 2-3 weeks with my previous provider! 

The flexibility offered from ICS Learn is second to none - for me personally, I aim to complete the course as quickly as possible and the fact I can study online and don’t have to wait for certain dates to submit assignments is fantastic!

I have been able to complete my first 2 assignments in just 4 months and aim to finish the course in February 2019, which fits into my personal plans well.

ICS Learn would also be great for people who have busy lives and perhaps like to study at a slower pace as there are no deadlines! 

The new skills I’ve learnt have been extremely useful and I have recently been able to put a lot of my learning into practice at work.

My aim is to eventually become a Business Partner - something I don’t think I would be able to achieve without having the strategic knowledge of organisations which is only taught at CIPD Level 7.

Furthermore, both my manager and head of HR have given me increased responsibility at work and I am now heavily involved in projects that really shape the business, so not only have I benefited from CIPD, my organisation has too.

Overall, I have had the best learning experience with ICS Learn compared to other providers I’ve used in the past and for that reason I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a flexible way to gain amazing qualifications and develop their career.

I’m living proof that CIPD qualifications lead to better opportunities and prospects. 


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