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CIPD Student Stories: Victoria | CIPD Level 3 & 5 Diploma Review

Victoria Harris chose to study her CIPD Level 3 Diploma and her CIPD Level 5 Diploma online with us to gain the knowledge she needed to progress her HR career. 

I started my journey with ICS Learn two years ago when I took on my first Human Resources role.

Beforehand, I worked in a company that didn’t even have a HR department, so Human Resources was a brand-new world to me.

I started with my CIPD Level 3 Foundation Diploma with ICS Learn in 2016.

"The course was brilliant for learning the basics of Human Resources, and it kept me engaged the whole way through. "


It was nice to study a course that incorporated interactive assignments as being able to do presentations as part of my assignment was a great way to learn.

Following my Level 3 qualification, I decided to study my CIPD Level 5 Diploma with ICS Learn seeing as I was so successful in my first course.  

The Level 5 qualification didn’t disappoint either. Like the Level 3 course, it was interactive and expanded my knowledge of HR even further.

While I found all the sections and academic research easy to understand, the tutors were brilliant in getting back to me with any questions I had. The Student Community was also incredibly helpful.  

"ICS Learn doesn’t just give you the information and force you to get on with your studies on your own. They take you on a guided journey through each section and give you the chance to apply your knowledge. "


I also love the fact that ICS Learn allows you to study in your own time, giving you options to watch recorded classroom sessions rather than having to take time out of your workday to attend a class.

I would highly recommend ICS Learn to anybody who needs a flexible learning provider that can fit in comfortably with a busy work-life schedule.

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