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CIPD Student Stories: Stevie | CIPD Level 3 Diploma Review

Stevie chose to study her CIPD Level 3 Diploma with us online to get a jump-start on a new career in the HR industry. 

I am currently studying the CIPD Level 3 Diploma in Human Resources Management.

I decided I wanted a change in career, and a lot of people had suggested I would do well in HR. I didn’t have time to commit to in-person classes, so distance learning seemed to be the way forward.

I had heard of ICS Learn previously through friends’ recommendations, and I liked the idea that you had a tutor for each module, who you could easily contact. This was a huge positive for me and one of the main reasons why I went with ICS Learn.

I started the course in September 2018, and by November 2018 had landed my first role in Human Resources, which is where I am working now.

The fact I was committed and motivated enough to do distance learning seemed to be a good thing in interviews.

At first, starting the course was daunting as I hadn’t been in education for ten years, but I passed my first written essay and felt more confident from there. This came down to the online tools being extremely helpful to me and making expectations very clear.

I have found studying with ICS Learn really straight forward. All the information you require is there, and if you do have any questions, the Student Services online chat is a great tool that I’ve used many times.

Being able to send a message directly to the module tutor who always comes back to me quickly to provide as much help as they could was really valuable. They all want you to pass and will go above and beyond to provide assistance. I have felt extremely supported at all times.

I would definitely recommend ICS learn. If you cannot commit to a set day of the week to study, the flexibility of distance learning is a fantastic alternative.

I have learnt a lot and the course has given me a new passion for learning.

I’m even hoping to start my Level 5 Diploma with ICS Learn soon!

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