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CIPD Student Stories: Jack Kelly | CIPD Level 5 Review

Jack Kelly

CIPD Level 5

Jack wanted to develop a career in the people profession so he decided to study a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR to do so. Find out more about his experience with us below! 

After discovering the “people” profession following my undergraduate degree, I soon realised that I wanted to develop my career within this field. After speaking with colleagues of mine working within HR and conducting my own research, I decided that studying for a CIPD qualification would be the next logical step in advancing my career.

ICS Learn regularly ranked highly and this platform could offer me more flexibility, which was very important to me whilst also working full-time. My main concern that I had for this mode of study was about how independently led it was – I was worried that it would be difficult to stay motivated and engaged.

Although at times it was challenging to finish work and then spend the evening studying, all of the content was very engaging and written in a very learner-friendly style.

As well as this, all of my tutors were readily available to answer any queries that I had and the student forums were also a helpful resource, especially when planning for the assignments!

The most refreshing aspect of the course is how much I am able to apply my learning to my job. Currently, I am working within an in-house recruitment function for a professional services firm and so my acquired knowledge in areas such as employment law has been invaluable.

The course has also helped me to explore other avenues of development for my professional future and I have recently accepted an offer to study for an MSc in Organizational Psychology.

I'm excited to take my expertise to the next level and combine my learnings from human resources with areas of organisational behaviour and psychology.

Postgraduate study was not an avenue that I had considered prior to studying for a CIPD qualification and so I am grateful for the confidence that my experience with ICS Learn has given me to pursue this!

Overall, I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to anyone that is truly dedicated to upskilling in the HR profession, especially because of the competitive edge and essential knowledge that it has given me.

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