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CIPD Student Stories: Christina | CIPD Level 5 Review

Christina had a dream of working in HR and, as a single parent, she needed flexibility to make this happen. She’s working on a Level 5 CIPD qualification with us.

I am currently the HR People Partner at Rodericks Dental and studying the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR Management.

I first discovered an intrigue into HR back in 2010 when I had some first-hand experience with a HR Team at an old employer of mine.

I was really naïve to the ins and outs of HR and found myself wanting to learn more but not really knowing how.

I started with Rodericks in the summer of 2015, I lucky enough to have been given an entry-level position into their Recruitment Team.

Prior to this I had a 2-year maternity gap so dipping my toe back into the working world as a single parent was daunting; my confidence was low, but I needed some independence back.

From then I worked my way up in the Clinical Recruitment team which I loved, but when I was looking for something more to challenge me in Autumn of 2018.

I was lucky enough again to be offered the opportunity to take up the role of HR People Partner in their newly-formed HR team, with a new and engaging vision for the business.

It was the most exciting time to be joining that team and to be able to live my dream of getting into a career in HR which I never thought possible before, and even better still, we’re a finalist for an engagement excellence award in a few weeks!

I always knew, as far back as in 2010 that I wanted to study for my CIPD. My manager, Jenna, convinced me to go straight into Level 5 and I’m so happy I did!

There is so much about HR that I already know but didn’t realise I knew it. I am loving learning the theory behind HR through this course, which as my manager tells me, means you can then challenge it – in the best way!

Getting started was daunting, but what I LOVE about ICS Learn is the flexibility of the course.

Being a full time working single parent is challenging, but knowing that I can dip in and out around my work and life commitments means that I don’t feel stressed or guilty for not putting anytime in one week.

The tutor support is great and they’re on hand for advice should you need it, I also really value the support network from the other students, past as well as present!

There are the interactive forums on the learning portal as well as amazing helpful Facebook groups where you can have healthy discussions and share ideas.

My future plans are to one day work towards a role as a Business Partner in HR - for me showing my little girl that you can achieve anything is so important.

Building a career in HR is something I have wanted since before I even planned to have her, so being on my own and being able to achieve that with ICS Learn is something that I am so proud of.

If there is anyone thinking about taking the leap, trust in yourself and your ability that you really can achieve anything that you set out to do and don’t let anything tell you otherwise!


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