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CIPD Student Stories: Cassie Davies | CIPD Level 7 Review

Cassie Davies

CIPD Level 7

Cassie had the chance to enhance her HR career and chose to study her Level 7 qualification with us. Find out more about her learning journey and where she is now.

My HR journey began back in 2012 when I was working as a PA for a national regulator. At the time I was PA to the Executive Director that oversaw the HR function and we were moving towards an organisational restructure in response to government cuts across the public sector. 

The Director suggested that, as I was going to be heavily involved in the project, I might like to study towards my CIPD Level 3 qualification. 

"I wasn’t really aware of the CIPD back then but relished the chance to obtain a new qualification - and it was company-funded which is of course a bonus!"

- Cassie Davies

I really enjoyed the organisational design project and, over time, began to get more involved in HR projects. The intention was that I would then transition over to the HR team and, as such, I then went on to complete my CIPD Level 5. 

Both my CIPD Levels 3 and 5 were completed in a classroom, through a provider in London. It was convenient due to working in London at the time, and also helped build my confidence in the HR arena.

My career progressed and after some further job changes, I became HR Advisor at a social care provider closer to home in Kent. However, I wanted to learn something new, but I didn’t know what. 

I self-assessed my skillset and decided Employment Law was one of my weaker areas, purely through lack of exposure, so I contacted ICS Learn to find out about a CIPD Level 7 qualification in HR.

The team on the phone were really helpful; they talked me through the programme, the costs, the discounts, and how remote learning works.

While I found the course challenging, I also found it enjoyable. The ICS tutors were always on hand, and I particularly liked that I could contact them through the online portal, as I often found myself studying at strange times in the evening - which for me, was a major benefit of remote learning.

After an internal promotion to HR Manager and a subsequent change of sector, I am now almost at the end of my CIPD Level 7 qualification! 

I would recommend ICS Learn because:

  • The tutors are knowledgeable and responsive.
  • The CIPD qualifications have genuinely enhanced my career path.
  • The course content is challenging but supported.
  • I can study when I want, as much as I want, around the demands of my full-time job (and social life!)

"As an HR Manager in a standalone role, my continued learning has enabled me to be confident in my knowledge, empathetic in my approach, and passionate about HR!"

- Cassie Davies

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