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CIPD Student Stories: Aziz Hassan | CIPD Level 7 Review

Aziz wanted to study his CIPD Level 7 Diploma flexibly and spread the cost of his course. He studied with us and highly recommends our course.

I am studying the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in HR Management and I am working in Abu Dhabi as an HR Coordinator in one of the leading companies in the business of integrated security solutions.

Being an HR professional, it's been long aspiration and every year's resolution to get CIPD qualified. I had some financial constraints that always posed a barrier to do so, but ICS Learn gave me an opportunity make my dream come true and resolve my financing issue.

I have been able to pay in equally affordable interest-free monthly instalments which no other competitor I found can provide.

This gives ICS Learn the edge, it has got no comparison.

Initially when I sent a course inquiry to ICS Learn, I was contacted by one of the team of course advisors.

Primarily I was interested in the lower qualification due to being unclear about the requirement for the CIPD Level 7 Advance Diploma in HR Management.

I received proper guidance and assessment on my eligibility based on my current on-going experience, English language written and spoken skills and current qualifications, hence this selection was best fit for me.

As a matter of fact, to me online learning really works as it suits my unpredictable availability to study, when and where and top of all it meets my financial capacity also ease of instalments.

I had my research prior to opting for ICS Learn and spoke with a few in the business. The reason I went for ICS Learn had been their competitive price.

Now I am already on my journey towards my CIPD qualification and ICS Learn is escorting me with full support, guidance and motivation.

ICS Learn has phenomenal study materials and tutor support which will ensure seamless achievements.

I really appreciate the speed tutors usually turnaround to your inquiry, super-fast - it’s almost like they are available 24/7.

At end of the day, the qualification will undoubtedly enhance my knowledge, skills and will broaden my thinking perspectives to the next level where I have to take things globally and act locally, as a career growth is a prominent part of my ambitions.

I just can’t wait to complete the course and upgrade my membership with CIPD.

I would recommend ICS Learn to ambitious professionals because of its quality and competitiveness.


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