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6 HR Blogs You Should be Reading This Year

Developing yourself as an HR professional can come in a range of forms, not just diving into a book.

Setting aside some time in your busy schedule to catch up on new entries from HR blogs can inspire you.

We’ve been scouting out some great HR blogs, with examples of our favourite posts so you can dive right in!

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Natalie Ellis HR

Working in HR can be tiring and if you’re stuck in the daily slog, you’re not doing your best work. Often, you’ll also be responsible for inspiring others, which is a no go when you’re not feeling inspired yourself.

For a font of energy and insight, Natalie Ellis’ blog is well worth visiting. She’s an HR consultant; her blog focuses on what makes the profession great and interesting.

She advocates for HR acts of kindness, encouraging her readers to get involved in making the workplace friendly, happy and brighter for their colleagues. This is a fantastic blog to get those creative juices flowing again and come up with new ideas to old problems.

Reading through her blog posts, you’ll find yourself brimming with new ideas and excited to implement them. Cut through the drudgery of HR and get inspired to effect real change in your workplace.

She’s also one of our CIPD students, and she documents her journey through various HR qualifications with us. This gives you a sneak peek into what it’s like to study one of our HR courses, from the perspective of a student.


Our Top Pick: Hello May! It’s Time to Create a Culture of Kindness #HRActsOfKindness


Fistful of Talent

If you want to read HR blogs with a direct, serious message with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour then Fistful of Talent has you covered.

They cover everything from emailing employees in the evening to whether the word ‘culture’ is overused in the profession. They even cover how to deal with your cousin’s best friend’s sister asking you to review their CV!

Delving into their wry takes on popular topics will show you how to make real differences, instead of surface level changes. If you want to cut to the heart of issues and take a realistic approach to the profession, then this is the blog for you.

HR practitioners can often be seen as overly-idealistic and unrealistic, but these blogs are practical and matter-of-fact. Their writing team aren’t afraid to take potshots at diversity initiatives, burnout and other issues facing the modern HR practitioner.


Our Top Pick: Your Organization’s Commitment to LGBT Pride Month Beyond Just the Rainbow

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HR Bartender

This blog’s writer, Sharlyn Lauby, wants to welcome weary HR practitioners with a friendly face and a listening ear much like a Cheers-esque bartender, which is how she came up with the name for this blog.

She tackles employee engagement, leadership and career advice in a casual manner. The blog topics are split into a bar menu, which adds a whimsical air for the reader. Her writing style takes huge topics and splits them down into easy reads, which will fit in well with your busy schedule.

The blog also comes with a laundry list of free resources, which are helpfully split into topics for you to explore. If you’re less focused on a single topic, then you can browse the archives for articles and make your way through a variety of concepts.


Our Top Pick: Policies Are No Excuse for a Poor Candidate or Employee Experience


HR Grapevine

Keeping up to date with the latest news and research in HR is a must. HR Grapevine is updated with all the latest headlines concerning this process daily. This includes a mix of case studies, employment law rulings and announcements from HR leaders.

For longer reads, you can head to the features section of this blog. Here, you’ll find in-depth opinion pieces and research. They also have a fantastic digital magazine, which is filled with insight from their contributors.

This blog’s direct, journalistic style will suit HR practitioners that want to stick to the facts on the latest cases. They often feature expert analysis, to offer insight into employment law or employee relations.

HR Grapevine send out a daily newsletter; sign up if you want these fresh highlights delivered to your inbox each day.


Our Top Pick: How Can HR Deal With Bullying Effectively?

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People Management

This blog comes to readers courtesy of the CIPD, as another avenue to educate yourself on the latest news. There’s a massive emphasis on employment law and case outcomes on this blog, which can highlight issues in your own organisation.

This is an excellent blog to follow, as it contains up-to-date comment and best practice directly from the CIPD. Among the regular news pieces, you’ll also find longer features that involve a deeper dive into the issues at hand.

The style of the blog is factual, with some comment provided by CIPD members. Naturally, they garner comment from their most influential spokespeople to give their thoughts on these developments.


Our Top Pick: Would You Let a Chatbot Coach You?


Evil HR Lady

Most HR practitioners have felt like ‘the bad guy’ at one point in their career! Evil HR Lady is run by Suzanne Lucas, a writer who’s tired of the HR function being perceived in this way. She’s exposing the behind the scenes aspects that make up a day in the life of HR.

Among the litany of posts, you’ll find real advice that will give you insight into how you should be working in HR.

Lucas isn’t afraid to be direct, and even controversial, with her truth telling. While you don’t have to take all her advice as gospel, she might just give you another perspective to consider.

Her takes on ‘thank you’ notes to hiring managers and the need for pessimism are perfect examples of this kind of departure from conventional HR wisdom.  She’s a regular contributor with Inc. Magazine and Rework, so you may have come across her writings in your regular HR blog browsing.


Our Top Pick: Employees and Candidates Give Companies a Taste of Their Own Medicine


There are so many HR-based blogs out there, so don’t limit yourself to this selection. 

These represent very different categories of blogs, and you may find that you’re drawn more to some writers than others. Continue exploring other blogs in the same vein for a little professional development that fits around your down time.


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