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5 Accounting and Finance Books You Should Read in 2020

2020 has the potential to be the year that you take your finance career to the next level.

In order to do so, you’ll need to learn, grow, and develop both hard and soft skills. As well as formal training and events, there are a wide variety of books that will help you become a more strategic and valuable accounting professional.

Here are the top 5 accounting and finance books that you should be reading this year.

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The Financial Controller and CFO’s Toolkit: Lean Practices to Transform Your Finance Team by David Parmenter

Understanding the ever-changing requirements of finance roles is key to finding your place in the organisation. At the upper levels of the profession, the ability to juggle responsibilities, shift mindsets, and manage processes are increasingly important.

This book equips readers with the knowledge that they need to take these challenges in stride. Address bad habits and explore new solutions through this book to cut waste in your organisation. 

This is a practical guide to improving the finance function by challenging the status quo. The book also covers tactics to gain buy in from the senior management team to give your solutions the highest chance of success.

To accompany the theory set out in the book, there’s also a downloadable PDF with templates, calendars and principles for you to follow. This book gives you the perfect mix of practical advice and underpinning theory to develop a strategic finance department.

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The Routledge Companion to Accounting Communication edited by Lisa Jack, Jane Davison, Russell Craig

Even the best finance professionals can struggle with the communication aspect of their role. Breaking down complex financial theory and cost analysis can be taxing, but by brushing up on your communication skills you can get your message across more effectively.

This book arms you with phrases, scenarios and diagrams that you can use to discuss financial results with anyone in your organisation. This soft skill can further your career immensely, as you learn how to best discuss strategy and results with those outside of your discipline.

Making business cases for financial decisions is essential for those looking to progress. This skill will serve you well throughout your career and this book contains plenty of practical examples to make this happen.

Remembering and rehearsing the techniques in this book can make navigating financial conversations much easier.

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The 80/20 CFO: How to Make Strategic Transformations in Your Company by Janice Berthold and Suzy Taherian

The Pareto Principle proves salient across many occupations and disciplines. This is the idea that 20% of the work creates 80% of the outcome. This book teaches you to effect change in your organisation using this all-important 20%.

The book gives you actionable advice on gaining buy-in for change, dealing with obstacles to change, and auditing processes. The tone of the book is incredibly friendly and it’s a fairly short read, so you can quickly absorb the information and start using it.

While the book is targeted towards CFOs, it contains helpful tips that you can use at any stage of your career. Learning to refine your efforts to yield better results can transform your career in no time.

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Finance Unleashed: Leveraging the CFO for Innovation by Magnus Lind and Kelly Barner

This a finance book with a difference, as it teaches readers to drastically shake up their organisation. The authors focus on revolutionary tactics and ideas to transform what finance can achieve.

Their method is split into three main areas: customer-centricity, process, and innovation. These phases are designed to improve the business from its core outwards, showing what a finance team are truly capable of.

The book features interviews and theories from top influencers and executives in the finance world. To back up their assertions, the authors use case studies displaying the kinds of innovation that they recommend.

Looking behind the scenes at successful companies gives the reader real insight and useful data to make a business case. This is an aspirational book, which will have you brimming with enthusiasm to create a strategic advantage for your organisation.

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The New Controller Guidebook by Steven M. Bragg

This guidebook is excellent for financial professionals to keep to hand. Bragg lays out all of the information that you need to succeed in a logical and easily referenced format. This book is a roadmap to success, with helpful tips and diagrams to augment the content.

If there’s an area of your role that you’re struggling with, you can delve into the relevant chapter of this book. From fixed asset management to department management, this book covers a wide variety of scenarios that you may encounter.

Bragg doesn’t assume anything when it comes to the knowledge of readers, instead he covers the basics before moving onto the more complex theories.

The chapters start with definitions and tasks that help the concept seem less daunting. If you’re already au fait with the basics, then you can breeze through these introductory pages.

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Reading about accounting and finance doesn’t have to be dry or dull! With these interesting books on your side, you’ll be excited to dive in and learn new skills that will boost your finance career.


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