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How to Resit GCSE English Online | GCSEs for Adults & Teens

By Kirsty Chalmers at 11 Mar 2019
GCSE English is an important qualification to have and not having a pass can hold you back in life. Get that all-important pass by resitting online. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Kate | Online GCSE Maths Review

By ICS Learn at 23 Oct 2017
'The support I have received whilst undertaking my Maths GCSE has been second to none.' After failing twice at school, here's how Kate passed with online study. Read More

Are the new 9 – 1 GCSEs really harder? Grade boundaries explained

By Lauren Jack at 26 Sep 2017
There's been a lot of worry about the new GCSEs being more difficult. We explain what grade boundaries are and why you have nothing to fear - for now. Read More

ICS Real Stories: David's GCSE Maths Results

By ICS Learn at 14 Sep 2017
David needed to pass his Maths GCSE to become a teacher, so he studied online with us. Find out how he got on and read his review of studying online! Read More

ICS Real Stories: Laura's GCSE Maths Results

By ICS Learn at 29 Aug 2017
Laura struggled with GCSE Maths in school, achieving Es and Ds. Here's how we helped her get the pass she needed to fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Lewis's IGCSE English Language Results

By ICS Learn at 24 Aug 2017
Our 15-year-old English Language student Lewis is too ill to attend school, but he doesn't let that stop him acing his exams! Read More

Infographic: What To Do If You Fail Your GCSEs

By Lauren Jack at 8 Aug 2017
If you haven't got the GCSE results you need, don't panic. Here's what you can do next, from remarking to resitting GCSEs online. Read More

How to Help Your Kid Beat Exam Stress

By Lauren Jack at 25 May 2017
Being a parent during exam time is tough. These tips will help you reduce your child's exam stress - and maybe take a load off your own mind too. Read More
There are 10 items on 2 pages.